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Why do people visit Tibet?

Traveling to Tibet is dreams come true experince for many people. For many people, they always hear about Tibet related things like, Mount Everest, Himalaya, Tibetan Buddhism, roof of the world, Third pole, etc. Traveling around the world is a dream that many people want to realize. People travel for different reasons, such as understanding how people live in different parts of the world, going to beautiful places, meeting new friends, and taking risks away from everything.

When traveling in Tibet, people should understand the special regulations regarding permits and other legal things. Tibet is now well connected to the major cities in mainland China by train and plane.

The unique terrain has created rich tourism resources in Tibet. Here is the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest 8850 meters; the world’s largest canyon Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, with a total depth of 5382 meters.

Tibet is the largest scale of the vertical ecosystem, from the highest point on the earth 8,848m to the bottom of the valley 900 meters above sea level. There are many lakes in this beautiful country, and sources and running bed of several famous rivers in Asia. As a paradise for travelers who like biking, hiking, rafting, climbing, or other outdoor adventure tourism.

Bright sunshine, fresh air, crystal clear sky, broad grassland, and snow-capped mountains are not the only themes of a trip to Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism and a wealth of folk customs, such as costumes, weddings and funerals, snacks and dinners, as well as folk arts, and ancient folk song and dance traditions.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as they gather to celebrate various traditional festivals. The most distinctive and dynamic parts of Tibetan culture can be found in Lhasa, Qamdo, Zetang, and Xigaze. In addition, souvenirs and shopping handicrafts and sculptures are never out of stock.

Tibet Travel Guide and Tips

 Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel permit

Tibet Travel Permits are the must-have documents required for your tour Tibet in addition to Chinese Visa, vary according to the places that travellers plan to visit, 

 Tibet Trains
Tibet Trains

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the only railway that links Tibet and other cities in China, which stretches Two thousand kilometers from Xining to Lhasa and Shigatse

 Tibet Flight
Flights to Tibet

For foreign visitors to China, Duration to travel must be limited. So flying to Tibet is an ideal way which will take less time and be more comfortable than other options.

 Tibet Highways
Highways in Tibet

Tibet Autonomous Region road traffic mileage has developed to 22400 kilometers, but according to the land area average, each hundred square kilometer has the highway only 1.8 kilometers.

Maps for Tibet

Tibetan Map ( in English & Chinese ), is a large collection of map, which we chosen carefully. They will help you better explore the mysterious land of Tibet region. 

FAQ Tibet

Some the frequently asked questions about Tibet Flights, Trains, Permits and Tibet Travels. We carefully selected for you to check out. If you still have some questions.

 weather in Tibet
Weathers in Tibet

Due to Tibet plateau with average altitude of over 4,000m above the sea level, Tibet climate is special, a little harsh with thin air and intense ultraviolet radiation,

Tibetan Food and Beverage

Tibetan foods and beverages have diverse of its kind. The main ingredients are meat, and dairy products, vegetables are scarce, so Tibetan cuisine has become very specialized

 Hotels in Tibet
Hotels in Tibet

Tibetan Hotels range from Five star ranking to local guest house. Bigger cities like Lhasa have more choice, but remote area has only basic choice.