Precautions for Tibet travel

Physical condition:

  1. Ensuring your body can bear the unpredictable weather especially the Altitude Sickness (AS) caused by high elevation in Tibet and we suggest you have a physical examination before you decide to travel Tibet. The symbols of the AS often show as: headache, breathlessness, fever, a loss of appetite, unrest, stomach disorder and such before acclimatization.


  1. It’s a good habit that buying life and property insurance before wherever you go as we always don’t know what happens to us next. Just in case.


  1. Some documents that can prove your identity is integrate, such as: ID and tickets. Most importantly don’t forget to get your cash or credit card.
  2. The weather in Tibet is unpredictable and has a big difference between day and night, so you need take sweater or cotton to keep your body warm and comfortable. Furthermore, it is wise of you to take a medicine chest within some first-aid pills and instruments to grantee your health.
  3. Because high elevation, the sunshine in Tibet is a little wicked and ultraviolet radiation there is also violet so every travel fans especially female must bring sun blocking cream and wear sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes form injuring.

Safety of body and property:

  1. Words or behaviors related to the Tibet’s politics and regions are extraordinarily sensitive to our central government, so keep distance with that as far as you can.
  2. citizens in Tibet are very friendly and generous therefore you might rest assured yourself when you travel there.
  3. Wherever you go make sure your accompanies know. Team consciousness is crucial, always stay with your team is wise.


  1. Unless you are invited as a guest to a tent or house, you are to remember not to step.
  2. On the threshold of the door. When calling someone, you will add “La” behind his or her name to show respect. When you are asked by the host to take a seat, you should sit cross-legged and don’t stretch your legs with your feet pointing to the other. If someone gives you gifts, you should receive with both hands. When presenting gifts to someone, you’ll bend your waist and lift the gifts in both hands over your head to show respect. When you are offering tea, wine and cigarettes to someone, you are to offer them with both hands and don’t let your finger into the cup.
  3. Tibetans don’t eat horse; dog and donkey, in some areas not even fish. We should respect their tradition.
  4. Don’t clap your hand or spit behind Tibetans, for these behaviors will be considered extremely impolite.
  5. When paying a visit to a temple or a monastery don’t smoke inside or touch the images and the religious equipment and don’t take pictures inside a temple or monastery. Remember to walk around a temple in clockwise except for Bon monasteries.
  6. At encounters of wayside sputa, temples, Mani stone piles etc., you must walk around them in clockwise apart from the Bon followers who go anti-clockwise.


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