Tour Travel Tibet: Local Tibetan Travel Agency for Customized Tours with Competitive Prices

About Tour Travel Tibet 

We are a local Tibetan travel agency with nearly a decade of experience offering private, group, and tailored tours. Our expertise lies in creating the best value Tibet travel packages for travellers who desire worry-free, fully customized tours. Our services are delivered with personal attention from our Tibet tour experts. We are highly rated on popular traveller websites such as, Lonely Planet,, and


Our Mission

  • To build lasting friendships with customers throughout their journey and beyond.
  • To tailor personalized tours based on our client’s preferences and provide professional guides.
  • Our aim is to create educational, relaxing, comfortable, and unforgettable travel experiences in Tibet.
  • We endeavour to immerse you in the local culture, fostering a deep respect for the people and the environment.

Other Info

At Tibet Travel Agency, all staff are experienced local Tibetans who have been trained in Travel and Tourism. Our knowledgeable guides are experienced in high-altitude trekking and have a deep understanding of Tibetan culture, tradition, religion, and history. Guests can immerse themselves in Tibetan life, observe daily routines and customs, and explore ancient monasteries, nomadic lands, and the stunning landscapes of the Tibetan plateau for a unique experience of Tibet’s environment and traditions.



Competitive Price

We do have a competitive price, We will meet and beat any internet rates from companies outside Tibet and China. No late booking, middle and hidden fees.


Real Cared Service

Our local tour guide and one-on-one travel consultant listen to and learn our clients’ needs and interests, and make their Tibet tours more enjoyable and fun.


Client’s Protection

We make sure all our clients have protection both in personal property and life safety so that they will have peace of mind while travelling with us.


Local operator

As a local Tibet travel operator, We know Tibet well and we are familiar with all attractions in Tibet regions and understand the best way to travel in Tibet.



Having offered Tibet tours and China tours for several years, We do every tour easy for first-time travellers and the seasoned visitors


Prompt Reply

For the inquiry e-mail or call, our travel consultant will answer it within 24 hours.



We are a trustworthy Tibet travel agency, running an entire tour business based on reality, integrity and honesty

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