Explore the Enchanting Nakchu Attractions: Tibetan Nomadic Life and Unique Landscapes

Nakchu scenery includes many Tibetan nomadic lives. Located in northern Tibet, Nagchu is 338 kilometres north of Lhasa at the junction of three highways – the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the northern section of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway and the Heihe Highway. Nakchu has a good transportation infrastructure and unique terrain. The ruins of the ancient Shang-Shung culture, the Bon monastery and the life of shepherds in the Nakchu mountains attract visitors. Nakchu is located in northern Tibet.

The name “Nakchu” comes from the Nakchu River which is the headwaters of the Nujiang River. In the past, the river was also called the black river. Today, “Nakchu” is often referred to as Nakchu Prefecture. Nakchu Prefectural Committee and Nakchu Prefectural Administration are located in Nakchu City.

Nakchu is one of the most important political, economic, cultural and commercial centres as well as a tourist centre in Tibet. It is also a collection and transportation centre for animal products, minerals and agricultural and forestry products from the region. Nakchu has a unique land. Yamtung (or Zhangzhung) ancient cultural site, Bon monastery, sacred Namtso lake and life of mountain herders are special sightseeing spots.

Local Tibetans often refer to the Tibetan plateau as Changtang (or Qangtang), which is located in Nakchu. An old song sings: “The deep Changtang is wild and desolate when you are here for the first time, it becomes your beautiful country when you learn more about it.”

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