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Nyingchi is known as "the southern River Valley in Tibet" and "Switzerland in the East". Located in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region, with an…
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Shigatse is the Biggest Area in Tibet. There are many characteristic scenic spots in Shigatse area. From Lhasa, you can go up the Yarlung Zangbo…
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We Providing Tibet Tour, Travel Document, Family Holiday, Tibetan cultural explore, Wild adventure on mountain terrain and different type of Trekking. Self driving and biking overland Himalayan mountains

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Amazing Day Tours in Lhasa Helicopter

Lhasa Snow Eagle General Aviation Co., Ltd. operates a Lhasa air tourism line which includes Temple Golden Summit and other beautiful scenery, the entire flight grew about 12-15 minutes. See the holy city of Lhasa from the sky is also full of anticipation and fun. Although the speed reached 150 km/h, the height of more than 200 meters, the whole flight process is very stable, the sightseeing experience is also very good.

Tibetan Travel Agency

Tibetan Travel Agency we Providing Tibet Tour, Travel Document, Family Holiday, Tibetan cultural explore, Wild adventure on mountain terrain and different type of Trekking. Self driving and biking overland Himalayan mountains

Famous Attractions in Tibet

  • New Places for Tourism in Lhasa – Integrates traditional heritage and modern design
    Princess Wencheng Live Opus “Princess Wencheng” is a grand Tibetan group dance and original ecological traditional song. Gorshey dance, Breaking Aga, Tibetan opera, and various unique Tibetan celebration dances are wonderful and colorful, which can be called […]
  • Mount Shishabangma
    Shishabangma peak (85’46’55 east longitude, 28’21’07 north latitude), one of the peaks in the middle of the Himalayas. Located near the Nepal border in southern Tibet, China, at an altitude of 8,012 meters (26,286 feet), it ranks […]
  • Dongkar Phiwang Castle
    Dongkar Phiwang Castle part of is the Ancient Guge Dynasty. One of the eight major monasteries built by Rinchen Sangpo. Dating from the 10th century AD. It was once the political, economic and cultural center of the […]
  • Mount Namcha Barwa
    “Namcha barwa” in the Tibetan language carries several meanings, of which one goes as “the burning thunder and lightning” and another “the spear that shoots upright to the heaven”. The main peak of Mount Namcha Barwa is […]
  • Phuntsok Ling Monastery
    Phuntsok Ling Monastery is 4,100 meters above sea level in Phuntsok Ling Township, Shigatse Lhatse Prefecture. It was built in 1615 under the auspices of Taranath. Originally believed in the Jonang Teachings, by the time the Fifth […]
  • Norbulingka – Treasure Park, Summer palace of The Dalai Lama
    Norbulingka treasure Park is Summer palace and Garden Palace of 7th to the cunrrent Dalai lamas. It was built in the period of the 7th Dalai Lama Kalsang Gyatso, in the mid of 18th century. During summer […]

Helps and Tips for Traveling in Tibet

Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel permit

Tibet Travel Permits are the must-have documents required for your tour Tibet in addition to Chinese Visa, vary according to the places that travellers plan to visit, 

Tibet Trains

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the only railway that links Tibet and other cities in China, which stretches Two thousand kilometers from Xining to Lhasa and Shigatse

Flights to Tibet

For foreign visitors to China, Duration to travel must be limited. So flying to Tibet is an ideal way which will take less time and be more comfortable than other options.

Highways in Tibet

Tibet Autonomous Region road traffic mileage has developed to 22400 kilometers, but according to the land area average, each hundred square kilometer has the highway only 1.8 kilometers.

Maps for Tibet

Tibetan Map ( in English & Chinese ), is a large collection of map, which we chosen carefully. They will help you better explore the mysterious land of Tibet region. 

FAQ Tibet

Some the frequently asked questions about Tibet Flights, Trains, Permits and Tibet Travels. We carefully selected for you to check out. If you still have some questions.

Recent Articles about Tibet

  • Flights info about Lhasa to Major Cities in China – FAQ
    Here are some the frequently asked questions about Tibet Flights FAQ we carefully selected for you to check out. If you still have some questions and problems on the Tibet flight, you can contact us, and […]
  • How to Travel from United kingdom to Tibet
    For visitors to Tibet from the United Kingdom, it is the journey of a lifetime and is much like a trip to another world. Set far apart from the U.K., in distance as well as in culture, […]
  • How to travel Tibet from United States
    As one of the top destinations in Asia for tourism, Tibet has become a regular destination for tourists from the United States. Over 9,000 Tibetan Americans currently live in the U.S., and the Tibetan culture is […]

Customer Reviews

  • I consider myself the luckiest to have found let’s go to Tibet on TripAdvisor. They sent Sonam to be my tour guide in Lhasa for a day and it was all worth it! First, he is a local Tibetan himself, and the culture and tradition of Tibet. this close to home for him. 

    Kristian Mehle
  • Wish to travel Tibet for a very long time, but difficult with its rule and regulation to travel, didn’t get chance till this winter. Finally, I reach Tibet after contacting let’s go to Tibet travel agency, which helps me to provide one of best service to arrange us Tibet travel permit and other.

    Jane Doe
    Solo Traveler
  • Thank you for arranging our excellent tour from Lhasa to EBC. All arrangements were made perfectly even with last-minute changes. Both driver and guide were more than anticipated.

    John Smith
    Solo Traveler
  • He was able to explain to me not only the history of the Potala Palace but also the role Buddhism plays in their lives as Tibetans. He also took me to the most famous bazaar in Lhasa and helped me buy a SIM card.

    Jane Smith
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