Brahmaputra River

The Brahmaputra River cuts deeply from west to east, and to go further it must be a steep slope of about 60 degrees, all the way to the edge of the river at an altitude of 3,500 meters.

The mountain road runs parallel to the river at 20 meters high from the river, and on both sides of the mountain road is covered with wild peach trees, apricot trees, and rhododendrons of all colors. It can be reached by horse for nearly three hours. The climate is moist and the air is good for people. The ancients used to fish and hunt, and planted barley and peas on the flat dam of the hillside, and lived a true life of the mountain people, who lived in houses made of wood and stone, unique and practical, just like other mountain people, It seems that he was born with the ability to hunt up the mountain, catch fish down the river, have the habit of eating dried fish, listen to the great roar of the Brahmaputra River all year round in Dagu, this sound comes from Neka hot spring.

At the turn of spring and summer every year, downstream fish gather here, waiting for the water to rise and swim-up, forming a natural fish bank. Nearly a thousand cubic meters of river water per second churn up and down the fish from above and below. Neka Falls is formed by a geological structure fracture. A huge round rock obstructs the flow of the river and forms a big drop.

Two drops of water at a height of 6 meters. In the summer, the water level rises, and the water drops from the top of the pebble, making a deafening roar, forming a waterfall with a drop of 7 to 8 meters, which is a large landscape of the Brahmaputra River. When you see the 6-to 7-kilometer-wide Yarlung Zangbo River near Tsedang, you can’t think of it as nearly 40 meters wide.

From the Dagushuo River up to Nujiao, and then walk another 5 kilometers is Zeng Waterfall, Zeng in Tibetan is a waterfall, half of the way to Zeng waterfall to walk on the steep cliff, half from the cliff falling boulders jump forward. Along the way, some monkeys pick wild fruit from the cliff-side fruit trees. The road on the cliff rises nearly 100 meters above the river, on one side is the raging river under the cliff, on the other side is the cliff of the mountain, after passing this section of the mountain road down to the river, began to jump in the obtrusive boulder mountain, the slightest mistake may fall to the maze-like riverbank under the stone.

Add the waterfall like a breakwater flood splashed countless waves, aroused heavy-fog, sun water mist to form a beautiful rainbow, spectacular, beautiful, the drop of 5 meters waterfall is also a boulder blocking the formation. The Brahmaputra River is very poor in this section, forming a rush of flow, it cuts the surface to form the famous Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon of the Brahmaputra River is a masterpiece of nature, and the waterfalls.

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