How to Book Tibet Tours

6 Steps to Book a Tibet Tour with us.

  • Step 1. Send us an inquiry
  • Step 2. Get proposal itinerary and quotation
  • Step 3. Free Discuss and Change until it meets your need
  • Step 4. Sign the Tour contract and Payment deposit, Modify your tour contract for free.
  • Step 5. Get Tour Confirmation
  • Step 6. Enjoy the Tour.

Let Us Guide You Step by Step

To inquire about travelling to Tibet, please email us at or use our online chat service. If you have a specific tour package in mind or your own travel idea, let us know. Please provide an active telephone number or online contact information (such as Yahoo, MSN, or Skype ID) for more efficient and prompt service.

Receive the proposal itinerary and quotation Once we receive your inquiry, a professional travel counsellor will respond within 24 hours via email, telephone, or online contact. Your counsellor will communicate with you until we fully understand your requirements. We offer personalized consulate service throughout the entire tour, with a dedicated travel counsellor to assist you before, during, and after your Tibet tour.

After our communication, your travel counsellor will create a tour itinerary and provide a quote based on your ideas. Please feel free to discuss and modify the itinerary, services, and price quotation with us until it meets your needs.

Please sign the tour contract and pay a deposit. Coordinate your schedule with the travel counsellor and obtain a final tour program with an agreed price quotation. The travel counsellor will prepare a formal tour contract that includes the travellers’ information, travel company information, fixed itinerary, price quotation, payment information, insurance information, and terms and conditions of booking a tour. Please review this tour contract and provide your feedback.

The travel counsellor will make necessary modifications until an agreement is reached. Sign your name on each page of the tour contract and send the signed contract to your travel counsellor via fax or email. Make the deposit payment as specified in the payment information. Typically, we require a deposit of 20-30% of the local Tibet Tour fee and 100% of the domestic transportation fee when booking the tour. In certain urgent or unusual cases, we may request a deposit of more than 30%. After signing the contract, you will have one opportunity to modify it free of charge.

After booking and paying a deposit for your trip, your documents will be transferred to another department. We will create a plan to arrange each service item listed in your contract, such as booking air tickets, train tickets, and applying for your Tibet Permit. Kindly email a colourful photocopy of your passport and China visa, in large size, at least 15 days prior to your departure to Tibet for the Tibet Permit application.

Additionally, you will receive the tour confirmation, including information about the local tour guide and train tickets, 7-10 days before your tour begins. Your Tibet Permit, train tickets and other important documents will be delivered to your hotel or home address in the departure city on time.

Visit Tibet for a delightful tour. Your guide will meet you at the train station or airport. Contact your travel counsellor for assistance during your trip. If you have any concerns about our service, please let us know so we can promptly address them. If your contract includes a remaining payment, please pay it before the tour begins in Lhasa. Our company does not accept partial payment at the end of the trip. All tour fees must be fully paid upon arrival in Lhasa.

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