How to Travel in Tibet from Singapore

For those who want to get from Singapore to Tibet, there are actually only two main routes: through mainland China to the plateau, or from Kathmandu to Nepal to Lhasa. Although this method may seem daunting, it is simple and convenient for Singaporean tourists. Singaporeans can enter China visa-free for a limited time, which makes traveling much easier than you think. All you really need to do is choose your travel method and call us to book your Tibet trip.

There are several ways to travel from Singapore to Tibet.

There are two main routes from Singapore to Lhasa. You can go to one of the many cities in China, and then take a plane or train to Lhasa. The most popular routes for tourists are Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Alternatively, you can travel to Tibet through Nepal. From Singapore you can fly to Kathmandu, then you can cross the border via land Kyrong border or take a flgiht.

Flying from Singapore to Tibet via Chengdu

It is easy for Singaporeans to travel via Chengdu, China to Tibet. There are at least five direct flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport every day. A flight to Chengdu usually takes 4 hours and 30 hours, and The cheapest fare is around US$ 280.

After arriving in Chengdu, you can travel to Lhasa by plane or train. Taking a Plane is a faster option, but not going to see nice views of the Tibetan plateau. There are 14 direct flights from Chengdu to Lhasa Gonggar International Airport every day, which are easy to reach except in summer.

The train to Tibet runs every other day and is a popular choice for trips to the Tibetan capital. The Chengdu-Lhasa train runs about 3,070 km, passing Lanzhou and Xining to the plateau. The train departs in the evening and arrives in Lhasa early in the afternoon on the third day of the trip, about 36 hours to reach the Tibetan capital. The best option for Singapore tourists is to choose a sleeper car, a soft sleeper is more expensive, a hard sleeper is cheaper.

From Singapore to Tibet via Beijing or Shanghai.

If you want to enter China through Beijing or Shanghai, so you can go to Tibet. There are more than a dozen flights from Singapore to Beijing and Shanghai every day. The flight to Beijing takes about 6 hours and costs about US$ 300 per person, while the flight to Shanghai costs about US$ 168 and takes about 5 hours.

Beijing and Shanghai have daily flights to Lhasa, but Shanghai only passes through Xi’an or as an indirect flight. The Shanghai to Lhasa flights take about 7 hours and 55 minutes, and stops in Xi’an for one hour. One-way economy class flights from Shanghai typically cost around US$ 426 per person.

Flights from Beijing to Lhasa take about 4 hours and 30 minutes twice a day to the Tibetan capital. A one-way economy class ticket from Beijing to Lhasa usually costs around US$ 430 per person.

Trains from Beijing or Shanghai to Lhasa

By train is another option to go to Lhasa, and Shanghai and Beijing are both gateway cities to Tibet’s famous trains. Shanghai is the second longest train route to Lhasa, traveling 4,373 kilometers in 46-47 hours. The train departs from Shanghai every night and arrives in Lhasa before noon on the third day. Trains from Shanghai come in soft and hard sleeper bunks for US$ 118 to US$ 188 per person.

Trains depart from Beijing to the capital of the Tibetan plateau every day, traveling about 3,757 km, taking 41-42 hours to cross China. The train crossed the six provinces, departing from Beijing in the evening and arriving in Lhasa in the afternoon on the third day.

From Singapore to Tibet via Kathmandu, Nepal.

Although there are direct flights from Singapore to Kathmandu, there are good discounts on connecting flights, most of which stop at New Delhi on the way to Nepal. Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport has about 37 flights every day, and the economy class fare is sometimes about US$285 (the cheapest ticket). Flight time is about 7 hours to 10 minutes

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