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1. How to Booking Train tickets?

As the Chinese state-owned train station does not sell its tickets on the internet, you have to book the tickets in local or through travel agencies in advance. However, it is impossible to purchase train tickets in local train ticket office in peak travel season, for such a hot tourist railroad, almost all train tickets are reserved by travel agencies in advance.

Hence it is wise to book your train tickets through a travel agency attached to your local tour request. Please be realized that the travel agency who help you book train tickets must be a reliable one, not all the travel agencies who advertised they can book Qinghai Tibet railway tickets are able to guarantee you the tickets. The reason is so simple, the demand is large and the tickets are limited, especially when you request a soft sleeping berth.

We are a qualified agent to help you book train tickets to Lhasa, for our stable relationship with a train station and having a reasonable number of tickets reserved annually.

2. How much is a train ticket to Lhasa?

Inexpensive, just 40-50% of airfare, the cheapest seat can be 80USD for a ticket from Beijing to Lhasa if you do not mind to seat for 46 hours. A normal sleeper berth ticket is from 130USD to 250USD depends on its class. However, you will need to pay a reasonable amount of service charge to travel agency, usually 20-30%; the larger demand the higher service charge.

The service charge goes to the top of each August. If you request a ticket through, You need to pay the service charge as well, but we can guarantee the service charge you paid is the lowest among the requests from other travel agencies.

3. How long in advance should I reserve my train ticket to Lhasa? Important Notice

In order to manage the tickets reservation well, the train station asks for a train tickets reservation plan from travel agencies and groups. There are 3 kinds of plans, the annual plan to reserve the tickets for the coming year; the quarterly plan for the next 3 months, and the monthly plan for urgent reservation.

If you book train tickets less than 30 days before the departure day, it is hard to say guarantee. It is obvious that the earlier booking the better guarantee.

4. Can our train tickets be guaranteed once I make the reservation?

There are two kinds of sleeper berths on the train, the first class sleeper berth, and second class sleeping berth. It is no problem to guarantee the second class berths because there are hundreds of berths available in the train. However, we can not say 100% guarantee the first class sleeper berths which are such limited supplied in a train, normally 35-56 berths available.

Because the train station sometimes gives the tickets to those who are considered more important than normal travelers. Do not worry, your reservation works most of the time. If you stick to the best soft sleeping berth, it is wise to be flexible for two or three days, the train station can issue the ticket one or two days forward or backward.

5. Can children get discounted train tickets?

Children discounted prices are based on the height of passengers height of child below 1.1m is free without a berth, sleep with their parent, free, but 1 full priced adult can only take 1 free child.The height of child taller than 1.1m and shorter than 1.5m, 100-160RMB lower than an adult, but has a sleeping berth as an adult.

Normally, if you ask for a travel agency to purchase train tickets, this discounted price cannot be carried out because it is difficult to prove the height of passenger to train tickets office without passenger stand aside. Travel agency always charges train tickets by per berth, or per compartment, if you have kids for free tickets, please state it to travel agency.

6. Does Train station provide a discounted price in a low season like Air companies?

The state-managed railway company never provide a discounted price on Tibet Train because it is the only company doing this job.

7. The train ticket is mainly available on

However, the website has no English version and more importantly, the online payment is limited to a bank account in mainland China. During the peak season and even the offseason of Tibet tourism, it is difficult for foreign tourists to book train tickets.

8. Train Ticket Office

Tourists can directly go to the train ticket office at the railway station to buy the ticket.

Attention: Try to Avoid Spring Festival Travel Rush

Though winter is the off-season of Tibet travel, the workload of Shanghai-Lhasa train is never lessened. As the route of Shanghai-Lhasa train stretches across the mainland China and during the spring festival, a sizeable number of migrant workers from the economically developed eastern China will take this train to head back to their hometown.

Therefore, the spring festival rush makes it virtually impossible to book Shanghai-Lhasa ticket. Even the travel agency can do little about it because the number of tourists going to Tibet shrinks considerably in winter and the railway station won’t reserve many tickets for a travel agency.

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