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Explore Timeless Popular Tibetan Poetry – Discover the Heart and Soul of Tsangyang Gyatso

The Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso (1683-1706), is a widely remembered figure, known for his extensively popular poem “Seeing and Not Seeing.” He stands as a mysterious, immensely talented, and controversial figure in Tibetan history. From a young age, he exhibited a keen intellect and an openness to worldly matters. In the realm of art, his writings were like pearls and gems, and he penned numerous poems and verses that have been passed down through generations.

Selected Poetry of Sixth Dalai Lama

The Eternal Moon
Moonlight, standing proud, hears love's steps in the breeze,
Dewdrops cluster, recalling the warmth of a lover's tease.
Like a butterfly, my heart flutters its radiant wings, a secret to keep!
East hill's stream, carrying her grace, through my thoughts, it sweeps.
Dust of the World
A breeze, caressing young crops, drunk with wild fragrance,
Winds around, telling tales of dandelions in their dance.
Ah, the fleeting youth, like Bhutan's curved bow, soon replaces its prime,
Rich and lush, but in an instant, it changes with time.
The Scent of Love
Tears roll, pure and unsoaked,
My love, the moon of a century, unprovoked.
Deep and warm, an ocean of fervor,
In that sea, a city of jewels, my treasure.
Dream of Cream
Like sliding cream entering my gaze,
Breathing in fragrance, autumn waters in a haze.
Winds entwined, pine stones soft and fair,
Caressing love, vanishing into thin air.
The Peach's Youth
Kisses and tears, immerse me whole,
In wisdom's heart, like a ripe peach's soul.
Above admirer's gaze, proudly it stands,
Is it the sun, resting on peach tree lands?
The Annoyance of Reality
Recalling your sweet warmth in the night,
Your eyes ripple, setting my passion alight.
In daylight, we couldn't merge as one,
The night's palace mourns, like a deserted garden undone.
The Elusive Scent
Flowers bare, swaying their dew-laden skin,
Wishing to embrace the sunlight, to begin.
When the bee arrives, the season's gone, scent turns to mud,
Fate turns to dust, with a heartbreak's thud.
Flowers Depart from the Branch
Cry, for happiness sleeps, breathes no more,
Why does autumn wind bring fluff, what for?
Jijin grass, your slender waist, how can it stand the frost?
Bees and flowers, in the fog, their paths lost.
The Duck's Love for Reeds
Wild ducks fly, deeply attached to the reeds,
In sweet tranquility, they share their needs.
But the icy lake stands, a cold blade's edge,
The ducks, in the wind, turn back at every ledge.
Water and Moonlight
Dust fills the streets, creating illusions of a beautiful night;
Unaware women stand, selling promises of youthful plight.
Frivolous snakes, frivolous love ties…
Their vibrant colors, like water, leave no trace or lies.
Fluttering Prayer Flags
Prayer flags flutter, piercing clouds in the sky,
Pure love ignites, from the willow, reaching high.
Do not disturb this sincerity with stones,
Watchful brother, let the fire of love set the tones.
Garden of Fragrance
Promises written with ink fill the sky, while below,
Fireflies dance, vanishing in rain, their light a fleeting show.
True love flows like water, rising into a blushing sun,
Indestructible, not even by thunder can it be undone.
The Fire of Love in Paradise
I am a curtain of fresh green, imprinted on the grassy land,
Our hearts, like mandarin ducks, in love we stand.
Hearts mirrored, steadfast as paradise, so grand,
Where sincerity blooms, there we hand in hand.
Hand in Hand with Mandala
Vibrant hollyhock, full of life and bloom,
If you accompany Buddha with your fragrance, assume,
Take also my young turquoise bee,
Into the temple, hidden in the mandala, free.
Buddha's Light in Love
My love, a shattered model in Buddha's light,
Suffering in casting, in this sacred sight.
If it must be so, my worldly heart turns cold,
But in this dim light, together our life will unfold.
Lost in Love's Path
Black fate of Buddha, anchored before the master's seat,
Forsaking fresh air, for divine guidance, a feat.
But the temple cannot hold my love's tender lips,
In silent meditation, my heart for her butterfly flips.
Drunk in Blossom's Shade
Contemplating the origin of Buddha's teachings, deep and true,
Yet, the clear spring won’t flow into my heart, no matter my view.
Tender branches stir songs of love's rain,
Nurturing beauty, in her domain, we gain.
The Buddha's Heart Hard to Cross
Boundless soul, captivated by your dew,
Not a drop for Tathagata, in this celestial view.
If my heart's sea has a shore, guide me to return,
Broken willows on water, tears for enlightenment yearn.
Celestial Maiden at the Bar
Pure snow water from Crystal Mountain, mixed with dawn's glow,
Brewed into fine wine, under the maiden's watchful show.
Drinking devoutly, with a holy pact,
Ensuring we never fall into an evil tract.
Beloved's Promise
Luck springs like a fountain, when it's time,
My spirit flags display miracles, divine.
The god of love gifts me a bouquet of noble roses,
And she, with her wine, my true love she discloses.
Gentle Autumn Glances
Her teeth hidden, like white doves so fair,
Moist smile enchanting, like life's nourishing air.
Youthful radiance shines, catching my gaze,
Her shy passion intoxicates me, like lilies ablaze.
Bond of Love
Does happiness contain tears, my love, do you know?
Can we be lifelong companions, in life's ebb and flow?
She said: "When heaven and earth unite,
Only then, with you, will I take flight."
Heart's Dilemma
If I covet the sunlight on your chest,
I'll break the new moon's Buddha quest.
If I turn wholly to Buddha, leaving my beloved lass,
Life withers into ashes, love's flame no longer to amass.
Youth's Lament
The youth from Lhasa's southeast, a buzzing bee,
In my heart, he harvests honey, then flees.
Three days of sweetness, then to Buddha, his mind does roam,
Leaving me longing, in his spiritual home.
Turquoise Companion
Deep love is not a cloud that drifts and dies,
In betrayal, the silent sky still lies.
Turquoise on your head, bright as Venus in the night,
If you're untrue, it won't whisper to me your plight.
Plead for Your Oath
Your smile fills the air with fragrance, so sweet,
Permeating your teeth, filling my heart, so replete.
This isn't a fantasy, my dear,
Give me an oath, let me cherish your heart, so near.
Bird and Stone Romance
Like a bird that chance meets a stone on its way,
This tender love, for it, we have the tavern to thank, I say.
If next year brings sorrow, the tavern keeper will surely bear,
Our burdens, our losses, with care, she'll share.
Heart's Whisper
The love we fuel, consumes us too,
In intoxication, we long for a familial view.
But behind you, stags gather in herds…
When will you reveal my love's words?
Love Seized
I've captured the heart of Yizhona'm, a maiden so divine,
Enthralling and enchanting, truly a celestial sign.
But as the curtain falls, cold winds assail,
Cursed Norsang Jalu, you took my love, to my wail.
Fickle Affection
Was it the fleeting years that extinguished the fire in the soul,
Or did you hide your brilliance, never to extol?
In my grasp, I forgot your fragrance, so fine,
Lost, it leaves me with regret, cutting deep as a line.

Loosening Belt
How much charm, how much tenderness, in these days past,
Spring’s allure and birdsong, entwined in love so vast.
But now, scattered petals fall into another’s yard,
Who can bear these new sorrows, old dreams marred?

Fragrant Dreams
Where love and hate intersect, spring colors fade,
Sowing seeds of longing in the night’s serenade.
The late spring tide rushes, like a past lover’s trace,
How much remains, in dreams, of that fragrant embrace?

Embrace of Passion
Glass bells, amber strong, teeth whitened by fragrance, this life!
My heart willing, my love eager, sleeping amidst soft lips, rife.
You immortal, me forever young! Powdered jade marks time’s flow,
Cooking dragons and phoenixes, the pearl’s red glow, the scented wind’s show.

Better Than Falling Flowers
Like a sky dancer touching a swaying reed,
Mother, you grew on the peach tree’s lead.
Love has no harbor, desire no shore,
Youth disperses, like falling flowers, more and more.

Priceless Love
Childhood companion, feelings like drifting snow,
Has your heart sunk into a wolf pack’s low?
No delicacy can capture your wandering spirit,
Yearning for the mountains, bells in the wind, free of limit.

Spilled Water Hard to Retrieve
When flowers scatter, their fragrance given to the breeze,
Wild horses in the mountains can be caught with ease.
But your heart, always beyond my reach,
No chance to recover in the future, nothing to teach.

Tangled Thoughts
Wild winds toss the eagle, crashing into the craggy stone,
Endless torment – feathers scattered, alone.
A frivolous heart brings tears and weariness,
Sister, please consider how to ease my distress.

The sky opens its boundless heart to pain,
Dark clouds pregnant with hail, disdain.
Those Ban-di, peering into the holy Buddha’s realm,
Like wolves creating tragedy, the root of my overwhelm.

Walking on Thin Ice
Shivers up the spine, from the newly thawed ice bed,
Morning light’s blue star, horses withdraw their dread.
First love, we are white birds on a wave’s crest,
Blue star’s light on lilies, cautious, I retract my jest.

Falling Pear Blossoms
Brows like the full moon, beauty like clear light,
Now, like a jade rabbit in a cold night.
Like a painting of pearls, wasting away the drifting fluff,
How can smoke-willow sorrows, be enough?

Moon’s Lingering
Return, return, let not our meeting err,
Thinking of you, the moon’s osmanthus, my heart to stir.
The full moon awaits your arrival, brighter with you near,
Clear winds, clearer light, in the moon’s sphere.

Heaven on Earth
My love, you are my paradise,
Like Mount Meru, the world’s axis, wise.
Stand firm, let the sun and moon revolve around,
With their unerring paths, I’ll never be confound.

Oath as Full as the Moon
The crescent moon, lightly adorning the earthly dream,
Piling fantasies like dewdrops, in a shimmering stream.
Sweetheart, your promise, from tranquil snow peaks slides,
Is it as full and handsome as the moon that abides?

Buddha’s Arrow in the Rain
I’ll twist apart this drunken sky with my hands,
Let rivals twist away like snakes, fleeing our lands.
Like a guardian deity in the ten grounds, I vow,
To dispel our Buddhist foes with heavenly powers now.

The Cuckoo Calls for Spring
When tender leaves hang with blue mist on trees,
Cuckoos awaken flowers, opening eyes in surprise and ease.
I catch the scent of spring at home, a wonderous flair,
My lover’s warmth surrounds me, in the refreshing air.

The Folly of Impermanence
Life and death, both impermanent in their way,
Love and hate, transient, in this mortal play.
Falling flowers twist and turn, cause for pondering deep,
Yet, thoughtlessness, how it wounds, how it seeps.

Who Can Tame a Shrew?
Post-rain, the blue mist spreads among the trees…
Any dog, well-fed, will be easy to please.
But why does the tigress at home grow fiercer with care?
I wish this swaying branch would silence the sparrows’ blare.

Unfathomable as a Daughter’s Heart
Her slender waist, the fragrance of her hair,
I suck the scent from her body, so fair!
Her body seems ablaze, yet her heart’s depth unknown,
Unlike calculating stars in the sky, swiftly shown.

A Tryst After Dusk
Willow trees lean in, listening to the breeze’s tale,
Two lovers, lips to lips, in the moist veil.
Kind willow, warns the new moon not to disturb,
But the parrot, too chatty, disrupts the suburb.
Startling the lovers, blushing the lilies nearby,
The lovers plead: “Clever brother, keep our secret, don’t pry…”

Beauty in Lhasa
In Lhasa’s streets, a girl from Qiongjie shines,
A pearl from the coral isles, her beauty entwines.
Like a golden peacock under cherry blossoms spread,
The one I meet, a Qiongjie girl, where my heart is led.

Silent About the Night’s Return
Before the bellflowers wake, I return from life’s spring tide,
Wiping off my sweet smile, in this journey I confide.
But the old dog with his cunning eyes sees all,
Friend, don’t mention my twilight departures, nor my dawn’s call.

Footprints in the Snow
Playful snowflakes chase my tracks, telling tales so loud:
“At night, he meets his lover, returning at dawn, seemingly proud.”
Ha! In the snow, I leave his footprints behind,
A silent story of love and stealth, intertwined.

Hidden Identity
Don’t offer water to those who cannot drink,
Tsangyang Gyatso wanders, from Potala to the tavern’s brink.
Seeking the nectar of life, and a girl’s snowy kiss,
In Lhasa’s taverns, a hidden world of bliss.

Bitter-Sweet Laughter
Beneath the soft and warm velvet, happiness intoxicates me,
Trembling ripples, like waves, spill the nectar, so free.
Like the sun rising from the ocean’s embrace, my love,
Tell me it’s not for wealth, but true affection you prove.

Parting Song
The sky, so profound, quickly don your hat,
Heart beating strong, let your braids fall back.
Stars shed tears, “Take care!” they say,
Kisses still fragrant, “Go slowly on your way.”
Time ravages, “Will sadness return?”
Clear waters promise, “Soon, we’ll reunite, for which we yearn!”

Return and Come
If anyone knows where the crane has flown, call it back to fly with me,
The crane’s trace is lost, I only ask for its wings to be free.
Passing Litang with the wind, a hundred birds answer my call,
The sky is bright, the grass in the slanting sun, a journey for all.

Mirror of Good and Evil
Death, like a black boat, drifts into the dark mist,
Where a mirror reflects life’s deeds, a fiery tryst.
Another cycle of life begins, karma never fails,
Eyes of the living gaze beyond extinguished life, seeking triumph where the light prevails.

Arrow’s Flight
I know how to chase moments of bliss,
Like an arrow striking its mark, returning to earth’s kiss.
Meeting you, I bask in passionate light,
My spirit soars with you, my blood rising in flight.

Summoning the Phoenix
Sounds and scents whirl in a young heart,
All blood yearns to solidify in your fragrance, a vital part.
Like the peacock from India’s east,
The parrot from Gongbu Valley joins the pilgrimage to Lhasa’s feast.

Heartache for a Lover
My heart aches like falling stars,
Grazing lightning, unwilling to vanish in scars.
People blame me, like a broken vase,
I confess, the tavern lady is my lover, our special place.

Deepest Infatuation
Arms and wine’s warmth. That year, I was eighteen,
She, sixteen, like a bird loving the willow’s green.
Fuzzy black eyes gazing into fuzzy black eyes,
Even the hawk has no chance, our sacred rhythm defies.

Meeting Again in Another Life
Everything adorned with dew, the sun already high,
Time’s hand too cruel to tear apart our dream, why?
Entwined love, will it extend to the next life…
When we meet again, let not dawn’s innocence be rife with strife.

Singing Thrush
Morning breeze cools my forehead, so refreshing and clear,
Chatty parrot brother in the woods, no more jeering, hear!
Let’s listen to the thrush sister sing so sweet,
Or is it my beloved sister whose voice none can beat?

Desperate for Love
Through poison dragons, mountains, and seas,
What are my sword, flowers, and burning passion against these?
Sweet apple, I’m coming! With all my life,
To fully devour you, fragrant and rife.

Endless Yearning
If we hadn’t met, where would this intoxication in fragrance be?
Without our love, what of the endless after-scent in dreams, so free?
In my heart, I sigh and weep for you,
Who brings this cool dusk gently anew?

In the Depths of Willow Woods
My lover’s whispers, like wisteria crowns,
Stay in the wind that gently abounds.
From one tree to another, they play,
Only the thrush knows, apart from the willow’s sway.

Blossom and Fade
Like flowers once in bloom, now withered away,
Youth and lovers too grow old, lost in time’s sway.
I should sever ties with the golden bee,
Like gentle light fading into the depths of the sea.

Changing Loyalties
Like the sun, rising east, setting west,
Brilliant in the morning, evening brings rest.
Wasting the beauty of the day, my heart drifts like yellow leaves,
Love’s strings no longer respond to my fingers’ sheaves.

Delayed Departure
Lover, your alluring spring, slow down,
Unfasten this love knot, our hearts’ crown.
Time, pause your flight in this beautiful moment, stay,
Don’t rush me to the mountains, or to spiritual decay.

Lost Words
Stars wink mockingly, sighing in jest,
The horse started too early, the reins too late to rest.
Ill-fated lovers, was it too rash to share your heart?
In that longing gaze, new sorrows start.

Dream of Water’s Fragrance
Yaknan Mountain, is this stream your passion’s flow?
My lips have just touched love, aglow.
Love, in the middle of Dangra Mountain, my lover’s source,
Melting snow, for her I climb, without remorse.

Disappointed Love
I laugh wildly, then cry in despair! Love,
Like snow dust, beautiful yet harsh from above…
Among a thousand poplars, I chose this willow tree,
Not knowing its heart was rotten, filled with sorrowful plea.
Whirling Love
Love's light layers, love's water flows,
Two lakes of spring, one river's woes.
No longer sad, thoughts drift away;
Little fish, forget your dismay.
Swimming to and fro, wine's red flush,
Body and soul, in tender hush.
Honeyed Words, Hidden Blade
Breath against breath, warmth draws near,
In the square willow grove, thrush "Jiji Buchi" we hear.
Red lips kissing me, over and over, but I must restrain,
For in your heart flows venom, not just affection's chain.
Moon of My Hometown
The grass on the hills yellow, the trees below shed leaves,
Chilly upstairs, golden chrysanthemums dream of home in their eaves.
If the cuckoo were a swallow, carrying dewdrops few,
Tell the moon at my doorstep, I am not blue.
Calling the Guest, Love Does Not Return
Has this evening been devoured? I fly from my doorstep's side,
Cypress, I bring you moonlight, where secrets hide…
An absurd dream, cuckoo,
I belong to this place's sun… The cuckoo's call flies back, anew.
Lotus Water
Your beautiful breasts, I long for, a hundred times I seek,
I ask the parrot from Gongbu, those buds,
Do they bloom like fountains? I yearn for her bed,
Her sleep, and the sun-like warmth where we wed.
Tears Like Spring Rain
Perched on thorns, expressing love's woe,
Tears beneath the eyes, like spring rain, they flow.
Adversary, if you have a heart, glance back at me,
Aging like falling flowers, you've plucked my youth, see.
Drunk on True Love
Gentle breeze hanging on the tip of the poplar's bough,
The tree sways with tender feelings, now.
Lover departing, are these autumn glances enough?
Thirsty? Here's true love, longing, and a smile, not rough.
(Drink to your heart's content…)
Cloud Messenger
Sound and dust too far, cuckoo, when will you visit my doorstep?
Let your green adorn the white clouds, without misstep.
Clouds, carry my message, alas, girl,
My heart lies on the sun, praying for you, my world.
Wish to Be Birds Together
In the willow grove of Yutuo, a thrush "Jiji Buchi" resides,
Her song blues the sky. Parrot,
Would you pair with her? Fly wing to wing to the eastern sky,
By Gongbu's well, green willows now lie.
Journeying to Fragrance
That graceful, ethereal figure,
Under the moonlight, her swaying arms a sweet allure.
My heart races like a steed, through Barla Mountain,
So high, yet I'd cross it, in the moonlight to meet my companion.
Breaking Crabapples with the Moon
Thrush "Solang Banzong," my fluttering angel,
Lives in Qiongjie's willow grove, charming and gentle.
Because of me, she won't fly far; because of dreams,
She ponders our meetings, on the moonlit crabapples, it seems.
Night Without Stars
Would the overnight moon wish to breed a cloudy sky?
Curse the twilight, fading all day's sunlight by and by.
If this year's crops can't be harvested next,
We can only pray to the heavens for rain's text.

Beauty of the World
The girl’s firm breasts, her eyes and lips enchanting and fragrant,
Her chest is my tea and wine, her love so abundant.
Even gods and spirits would fall for her charm,
In her beauty, they find a heavenly balm.

The Allure of Change
Daytime consoles the sun, blue consoles the sky,
The wealth of desire, consoles his greed and shyness, by and by.
Spring comes, fertile soil sprouts buds anew,
Your love makes him generous and carefree, too.

Deep in the Monastery
Dawn waters longing with tears, I and the red-beaked crow,
Not yet met, but rumors fall like snow.
Hawks and falcons kiss in daylight, no gossip or sneer,
Alas, who pities the fading flowers, only the butterfly here.

Heart Like Drifting Fluff
Eyes piercing the river, attracting fish to the surface,
Her hazy beauty nurtures youth’s grace.
Who knew after blending days, a lover with honeyed words, hidden blade,
Sweetness turns to drifting fluff, the affectionate peony tastes the loveless trade.

Love Hard to Hide
The sun constantly sows its seeds into the sparkling sea,
Thus, the ocean begins anew, conceiving maturity.
Despite half-hidden, turning bodies, how to conceal?
Good or bad deeds, both bear pearls in their reel.

Cuckoo’s Message
Too far for sound and dust, cuckoo, when to my doorstep will you go?
Adorn those white clouds with your green glow.
Clouds, take my message, alas, girl,
My heart lies on the sun, for you, it unfurls.

Desire for Bird’s Companion
In the willow grove of Yutuo, a thrush “Jiji Buchi” dwells,
Her song blues the sky. Parrot,
Would you join her? Fly side by side to the eastern sky,
By Gongbu’s well, where green willows shy.

Traveling for Fragrance
That slender, elusive figure,
Under the moonlight, her swaying arms beckon, a lure.
My heart races, through Barla Mountain,
So high, yet I’d cross, by moonlight to meet my companion.

Gathering Crabapples with the Moon
Thrush “Solang Banzong,” my fluttering angel,
In Qiongjie’s willow grove, fragrant and gentle.
Because of me, she won’t fly far; because of dreams,
She ponders our meetings, on the moonlit crabapples, it seems.

Starless Night
Would the overnight moon wish to breed clouds so gray?
Curse the dusk, fading all day’s sunlight away.
If this year’s crops can’t be harvested next,
We can only pray to the heavens, for rain’s context.

The Earth’s Treasure
The girl’s firm breasts, her eyes and lips enchanting and sweet,
Her chest is my tea and wine, her love complete.
Even gods and spirits would fall for her charm,
In her beauty, they find a heavenly balm.

The Magic of Allure
Daytime comforts the sun, blue comforts the sky,
The wealth of desire, eases his greed, his shy.
Spring arrives, the pregnant earth sprouts new life,
Your love makes him generous, free from strife.

In the Depths of the Monastery
Dawn waters longing with tears, I and the red-beaked crow,
Not yet met, but rumors like snowflakes blow.
Hawks and falcons kiss in daylight, yet no gossip heard,
Alas, who pities the withering flowers, only the lone butterfly’s word.

Heart Like Drifting Fluff
Eyes piercing the river, luring fish to the surface,
Her hazy beauty nurtures youth’s grace.
Who knew after blending days, a lover with honeyed words, hidden blade,
Sweetness turns to drifting fluff, the affectionate peony tastes the loveless trade.

Love Hard to Hide
The sun constantly sows its seeds into the sparkling sea,
Thus, the ocean begins anew, conceiving maturity.
Despite half-hidden, turning bodies, how to conceal?
Good or bad deeds, both bear pearls in their reel.

Tender “Impermanence”
Dabu’s lover, making even winter tender and mild,
Her youth’s spring dreams, sweeter than nectar, beguiled.
Even the “God of Impermanence” hesitates, shy,
Promising Dabu’s girl they’ll grow old together, under the sky.

Wind Messenger
Oh wind, why so haggard and frail?
Is it from my homeland, your gale?
Who follows in your trail?
Ah, my childhood lover, is this but a tale?
Tell me, wind of tears, dawn of weeping veil…

Silent Reminiscence
My longing builds mountains to the west, vast and grand,
Those drifting white clouds are our past pledges, hand in hand.
Dear Yizhonam, do you light incense again for me?
In my blood flows only your blessings, eternally.

In the river, the golden turtle separates milk from water, clear,
But my lover and I, inseparable, nothing to fear.
For we are of the same pure diamond, so bright,
Our love forged from this unyielding, eternal light.

Sun’s Promise
Winter sun twinkles like dewdrops, your heart
As pure as a white hada, without art.
Field flowers like stars in the night,
Write sincerity in your heart, the sun will gild the day with light.

Unrequited Love’s Bondage
Even pale, moist petals swear allegiance to you,
And new clouds gather, all my devotion true.
Yet you exile them, even a hint of affection turns to ice,
Think how I endure this storm, this merciless vice.

Regretting Late Meeting
Flowers bow heavily, regretting the late arrival of life’s stream,
All is so vacant, bees have flown past the flower’s dream.
Unfated lover, who will mend this lost chance?
Hand in hand, only trembling, no more dreams of romance.

Impermanence of All
Buddhist connections are priceless, the soul’s not a small domain,
Merely wearing red and yellow robes doesn’t make one attain.
If so, wouldn’t the golden ducks on the lake,
Also ferry souls? Everything’s impermanent, in action we partake.

True Practice Is Suffering
The ocean reflects the blue sky, all Buddhist ties
Lie in hardship. Don’t dream of enlightening beings with mere sutra cries.
We know –
Parrots that speak well don’t preach or show.

Unresolved Melancholy
The ferryman resolves the sorrows unforded by water,
But the grief of a lover gone solidifies into life’s lamenting quarter.
My love, in days to come, no one to sigh for us low,
No evening breeze to disturb us, my heart’s wings broken, in woe.

Words Melt Gold
Look, two trees sharing roots stand desolate, apart,
Rumors fly wingless, igniting people’s remarks, smart.
My beloved, stripped of summer’s lush leaves, hides her green,
Crying, she leaves, only her gray, slender shadow seen.

Grounded Race
Spring’s spirit clings to you and me,
Lips’ sweetness, where hearts pour free.
I have but a skinny donkey, yet it runs faster than any steed,
While the horse is saddled, my donkey reaches the hilltop with speed.

Yearning for Tenderness
Wandering wind blows through the sacred dawn,
Golden bees, who stole our souls, gone?
How do you remember? Just vain longing,
Floating on the surface? I’m a sapling, for rain I’m yearning.

Night-Blooming Cereus
Below the valley, a pond of creamy rain,
Beside it, a cluster of night-blooming cereus, again.
The flower sheds its spring attire, ignites summer’s flame,
Night-blooming cereus, over hills and dales, more than mother’s name.
Mother, do you see the melting moonlight?
Your son far away, no need for sorrow tonight.

A Curtain of Fragrant Vows
A thread of wind brings a piece of tender heart, that peach tree,
Slightly drunk with looseness, see, the moon nestles by the peach blossom, be.
All fragrant machines and auspicious brocades, let’s make a vow,
In the half-thick autumn, we’ll bear fruit together, somehow.

Silken Tenderness
Eyes like curved bows, passion like sharp arrows,
Strike my heart! Like a peach garden in spring’s throes.
How much fragrance, weaving dreams of mandarin ducks in rest,
Brows entwined, like a long, silky corridor, in zest.

Together from the Nest
Thirsting for moonlight, drawing idle talk in number,
Lover, let’s go to the right of the mountain, pluck some “Qumai,”
To wash away this malicious slander clean,
When the time comes for orchids to connect, a curtain of rain will bring us serene.

Incense of Devotion
Falling red on the fragrant path, dreams amid flowing clouds, my love,
I light a day of moonlight for you, tomorrow we’ll prove.
Must be the cypress and divine cypress behind the hill,
That’s my devotion in the spring breeze, a sacred thrill.

Apricots Wishing to Climb Over the Wall
The willow tree is not cut down, the thrush not startled to fly,
Furry clouds dot the blue sky.
Feeling the spirit of all things alive in me,
Intricate dance and song, lure me out of the monastery.

Destiny Always Pairs
The honest moon does not deceive, destiny’s love is longer, don’t grieve.
No need to sigh, like endless silk thread, well-matched fragrant couple, believe.
Ten years of clear green, all in fate’s book, see,
Like a wooden boat’s horsehead, our yearning has thinned, let’s be free.

Misled by the West Wind
Thought a deer flew from the eastern hill,
But at the foot of the west hill, a lame yellow sheep, still.
Pity the heavens, playing tricks on mandarin ducks, don't hate,
Don't resent the flower buds, blooming on perilous heights, their fate.
Human World Like Flowing Water
Smiles and charm, a bundle of warm jade, so gentle,
Look at the river flowing east, often dwelling in the pond.
Drink this water, fragrant dreams invite the wild goose,
Don't say the willow buds are yellow, the flute's sound, moon's haze loose.
Clouds Leave Without a Trace
Dreams of songs and music, hidden before the lamp, so clear,
Suddenly, the east wind turns cold at night, like autumn here.
See Mount Meru turning, fragrant grass in slanting sun, covering continents four,
The lover has gone, won't turn back! Sigh, blue waters can't hold the cloud's oar.
Tearful Complaint of Marriage
God birds in the mountains, pheasants, outside, the small thrush,
Dreams trapped, cold nights heartless, hush.
Mountains are barriers, the wind also mocks,
The setting sun silent in many sorrows, fate exhausted, water flows.

Love Like Plum Rain
Candlelight illuminates the western window, the moon’s laurel draws near,
Swift horse gallops, bringing the girdle’s heart here.
Talking of thick love, oriole language, countless red,
Like vast pastures, green essence drifts, unsaid.

Spring Dew Light
A cup of tea, fragrance fills the house, so bright,
With tsampa, better than much spring dew, light.
My lover, like a curtain of quiet dreams,
Horizontally, vertically, surpassing countless spring dews, it seems.

Flame of Night
Stars yet uncrushed by love, still stretch their hands
Into sweet dewdrops, on wet lips they land.
Skin’s fragrance tempts, splashing beauty on the day…
Ah, lover, your dazzling Rulding flower, hey!

Longing for the Bowstring
I am your arrow, lost for a thousand years,
Waiting, waiting for one launch, amid tears.
I see your white fine bow, heart like drifting fluff,
Quiver, don't let me tremble, don't let me weep enough.
Dream Flying Swan
No dark clouds in the sky, the woods brimming with youth and strength,
Yet groundless windstorms arise, who gave her wings at length?
Don't doubt the sky, love has flown like a startled swan,
Is it the misty moisture, or the lips of rocks in the ocean, on?
Riding Waves to Send Fragrant Clouds
Pure spring water, flowing through rivers to Gongbu; my impulse,
A green cane, supporting sorrow and melancholy, in full.
Cuckoo, the ocean's waves dance in my heart,
Bright windows, how to ventilate the dark, a shaky start.
Love of the Sea Spirit
Blue ocean, the tongue of the blue ocean,
Waves like fish, turning into a blushing bride's motion.
The bride, the Dragon Lady - Tsomanjim,
My lifelong companion, reborn as blue anemone, prim.
Half-Closed Curtain, West Wind Shy
White water lilies, the vastness of light,
Cutting through the night, Gesar's spirit bright.
Quietly maturing, ripening into rose red,
Whispers of softness, wings fluttering, spread.
It's the parrot brother accompanying you, see,
Stream and butterflies, chirping, playing free.
Hollow-Hearted Rose
My heart like a stream, gently hitting both banks,
Your clay Buddha lover, devoid of true thanks.
Lonely mandala, drifting with dead leaves, look,
I bought a steed, yet it cannot run or gallop, mistook.
Evening Rain Calls for Clear Morning
In drought, the Lama's sacred teachings,
Like pear flower dew, cherry blossom rain, reachings.
Lovers, naive and innocent, destroying love in ice and snow, no true word,
Pure sky, when will it rain love's dew, love's bird?
Breaking the Chains
Restrain desire, don't let the golden sunset
Fade in the evening sky; breath breaking through clouds, don't let it set.
Crack open a walnut, taste the peach anew,
Don't force yourself - swallow this year's sour green apple, through.
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