Lhasa Gongkar Airport: New Terminal T3

Lhasa Gongkar Airport is one of the world’s highest civil airports at around 3,600 meters. In 1965, the Lhasa terminal opened, and the Beijing – Chengdu – Lhasa flight introduced people to the mysterious ‘third pole of the earth’.

gongga Airport

Lhasa Gongga Airport – Terminal T3 was officially opened on August 7, 2021, replacing the original T2 terminal. All domestic flights to and from Lhasa, including those operated by China International Airlines (CA), China Eastern Airlines (MU), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Tibet Airlines (TV), Sichuan Airlines (3U), Xiamen Airlines (MF), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Chengdu Airlines (EU), Western Airlines (PN), Xiangpeng Airlines (8L), and others, now operate exclusively from Terminal T3.


Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Sichuan Airlines, Tibet Airlines, West Air, Xiamen Airlines, Lucky Air.

Lhasa Flights

At present, the airport operates 40 more air routes every week to both domestic and international cities. Hereinafter is the list: (listed in alphabetical order)

  • Domestic Cities: Beijing, Chamdo, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dazhou, Diqing, Fuzhou, Golmud, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Hangzhou, Kangding, Kunming, Lanzhou, Lijiang, Mianyang, Nanchong, Nanjing, Nanning, Ngari, Nyingchi, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Xiahe, Xiamen, Xian, Xining, Yushu, Zhengzhou
  • International City: Kathmandu


Shuttle Bus
Passengers can take an airport shuttle bus to downtown from the airport. The buses operate from 05:40 to 14:30, departing every 30 minutes. The journey takes approximately one hour. The ticket price is CNY 30 per person. For inquiries, please call the hotline at +86 0891-6827727.

The airport passenger point is located outside Gate 6 on the T3 Arrival Level, and Gates 5 and Gate 6 are equipped with pick-up point guide signs. Ticket purchase location: outside Gate 6, T3 Arrival Floor.

The departure point in Lhasa is: the passenger flight bus office of No. 1 Niangre Road (about 180 meters from the intersection of Niangre South Road and Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District).

It costs CNY100 for a shuttle bus to travel from the airport to Shigatse, and CNY50 to travel to Shannan.

  • Book Taxi
    Passengers can take a taxi from the airport. It takes about 45 minutes and costs CNY 200-250 per person.
  • Shared Taxi
    If passenger share taxi with other travelers. It may cost around CNY 50. The chartered taxi can usually accommodate 4 passengers.

If you need to travel from Lhasa to Lhasa Airport, please choose the corresponding means of transportation according to the flight you are taking and arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure of the flight to reserve enough time to check on the plane, pass the security check and check-in. The check-in time for domestic flights is 40 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Domestic departure

1. Check-in

The check-in deadline at Lhasa Airport is 40 minutes before the departure of the flight. If the normal queue check-in time is tight, please go to the corresponding airline to the counter late in time, or ask the on-site staff and the manager on duty for assistance.

  • 1.1 Check-in counter processing

The departure hall has a check-in island marked with six large English letters A-H. Please line up according to the airline you are riding to the corresponding check-in island and manual check-in counter. The check-in area distribution of various airlines at Lhasa Gongga Airport is as follows (The following table is for reference only. For various reasons, the check-in counter may be temporarily changed or closed. The specific business processing counter is subject to the instructions issued by the airport/airline on the same day and the actual situation on the spot.

Please make travel arrangements and consult the on-site staff in time to avoid scheduling.

RegionFacilitiesDirectional guidanceAirline counter (airport)
(East side of the departure hall)
Duty Director/Alternate CounterC01 counterAir China (CA), China Eastern Airlines (MU), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Sichuan Airlines (3U),
Xiamen Airlines (MF), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Chengdu Airlines (EU), Western Airlines (PN), Xiangpeng Airlines (8L)
Aviation company gold and silver card, first class/business class counterC02 counter
Priority counter for military personnel/fire rescue personnelC03 counter
Economy counterB02-B06 Counter
C04-C06 Counter
Special passengers (old, weak, sick and disabled pregnancy) / late arrival at the passage counterB01
Team counterPlease go to another counter for consultation.
Airport ticket counter/Air China ticket counter/overweight baggage charging counter/first flight service counterC/D check-in island head
Check the baggage unpacking inspection counterB06, C06 counters, the opening of the packageB/C check-in area checked baggage unpacking inspection
(West side of the departure hall)
Tibetan Airlines business class counterF01 counterTibet Airlines (TV)
Tibetan Airlines platinum card, gold card, military/fire rescue personnel priority counterF02 counter
Tibetan Airlines economy class counterF03-F06 Counter
G03-G06 Counter
Zanghang Special (old, weak, sick and disabled) passenger service counter (also charge for excess baggage of Zanghang)G01
Tibet Airlines check-in officer/night arrival at the passenger counterG02 counter
Tibet Airlines ticket counterF Island Head
Airport air cargo counterG Island HeadAll airlines
Check the baggage unpacking inspection counterF06 counter next to the bag openingF check-in area checked baggage unpacking inspection
Check the baggage unpacking inspection counterG06 counter-packing officeG check-in area checked baggage unpacking inspection

1.2 Self-service check-in (self-service)

Using self-service check-in can expedite the boarding process compared to the regular ticket counter if you do not have checked baggage.

Self-service check-in on the T3 floor is in the C/D and E/F areas (entering the left and right sides of the hall), and all airlines can handle it.

Please check the official website of Lhasa Gongga Airport for further information 

Service Number Airport Inquiry: +86 0891-6182220

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