Serling Tso Lake


Serling tso Lake is a salt-water lake, lies in Amdo County in Nagqu, Tibet, with a total area 1,640 square kilometers and the elevation of 4,530 meters.

Attraction Introduction

Serling Lake is the second largest salt-water lake next to Namco Lake in north Tibet pasture, which is also the boundary for XainzaCounty, Nyima County and Pangkog County. The road is located about tens of miles far away from the lake. On the pasture, you will see that th ere are groups of goas and Tibetan Gazelle eating the grass and enjoying the tranquility of the nature. Serling Lake is also named Qiling Lake, in Tibetan it means a demon lake under powerful light. There are mountains in the lake and with lakes in the mountain. Lakes and mountains surround the lake. So many beautiful things that one simply can’t take them in. The blue sky may pale in comparison with the blue lake. There are lots of legends about this mysterious lake. It is said that when King Gesar fight with king of the demon Ajong and Ajong failed in the battle. During the war Ajong felt intolerable thirsty, so he begged King Gesar that after he died he could have enough water to drink. King Gesar cut down Ajong’s head and threw it into Serling Lake to let it drink enough water. From then on, Serling Lake can never be full of water although there are several big rivers rushing into the lake. The water in the lake is a little salty, so human and cattle seldom drink it. But it is strange that Zhaling Lake next to Serling Lake is a fresh water lake.

Serling Co is a kingdom of lakes. There are 23 small lakes around it, just like a pearls necklace. It is said that millions of years ago, here is a huge lake. Among all these small lakes, Co’e Lake Bird Island becomes the second living place for the transient birds. Every spring or summer, you can see millions of brown-headed gulls from Mediterranean Sea. The scene is really spectacular. This kind of brown-headed gulls actually is the same kind with the one in Bangong Lake. They all have a long slim red leg. Except for a little gray in the wing and tail leather, the other leather of this kind of bird is white. Brown-headed gulls are all gentle and not afraid of human beings.

The Legend of Serling

Co Serling was originally a big demon living at Doilungdeqen, in the west Lhasa. He was so greedy that he ate thousands of lives everyday including human and all kinds of cattle. Nobody can deal with his despotic power. One day after a thunderstorm, Lotus-Flower-Born Master who had killed lots of demons finally found and arrived in Serling. Of course, how could Serling win Lotus-Flower-Born Master? So Serling escaped to a muddy expansion lake in the south of Gangni Qiangtang. Lotus-Flower-Born Master ordered Serling would never leave the lake or hurt the aquatic animals in the lake and confess with piety in the lake. He also named the lake Serling Doico, which means Serling Demon Lake.

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