The Mythical Bird Garuda: Symbolism, Features, and Legends

Garuda is referred to as Kyung in Shangshuang and Tibetan. It is commonly perceived as a mythical bird by many. In Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain beliefs, it is depicted as a bird-like being. However, according to the Yongdrong Bon religion, it is not regarded as a divine or enigmatic bird. The Kyung made its appearance in various regions such as Tibet, Persia, and Ngari around 10,000 years ago.

Various Types of Garuda

These birds reside in the iron tree in the northern region of Shumi Mountain. According to ancient records, the earth was plagued by colossal demon dragons and floods, making survival impossible after the ice age. To alleviate this, the Buddha dispatched Garuda birds to vanquish the demon dragons, establishing a peaceful world for humans.

Consequently, these birds have been revered as guardians of faith and symbols of serenity. Within our religious texts, there exists a tale of a battle between the Garuda bird and the dragon, symbolizing a struggle for wisdom and bravery. The ritual of the Garuda bird acknowledges five categories: global harmony, reincarnation, professional success, spiritual defence, and wisdom.

five color garuda

Features of Garuda

Garuda, a bird with golden wings, possesses the innate ability to fly. It has an iron beak and claws, a diamond-shaped body, a shining pearl atop its head, and golden eyes that glisten like the sun and moon. Its mouth is as strong as an iron hook, and it possesses six different types of wings that move gracefully through the air, resembling dancing swords. Sharp feathers made of copper release scorching sand and rain.

Garudas primarily feed on dragons and snakes and are known for their extreme ferocity and cruelty. Upon their death, they not only reduce their flesh and bones to ashes but also incinerate the surrounding forests. Although some people attribute volcanic eruptions to Garudas, there is no evidence of such claims in the Scriptures.

Legend has it that the Garuda bird possesses a precious heart that sinks to the depths of the sea after its death, only to be captured by the Dragon King and worn as protection against Garuda threats. The Garuda bird’s leader, referred to as the King of Golden Eyes and Wonderful Wings, is renowned worldwide. It is said that the golden-winged bird sustains itself by consuming dragons, including a dragon king and 500 smaller dragons, each day. Due to its lifelong consumption of dragons and poisonous snakes, it accumulates a significant amount of poisonous gas within its body. At the end of its life, the Dragon’s poison erupts, rendering it unable to eat any longer. Thus, it flies up and down seven times before self-immolating at the pinnacle of a wheel.

The incarnation of the Garuda bird:

According to ancient records, there are eight celestial dragons that bring disasters to humans and the world, making survival difficult. The Tathagata Buddha takes the form of a golden-winged bird to come to the world and through compassion, subdues these dragons. The profound wisdom of selflessness guides Buddhism and Taoism, leading to liberation. As the Dragon king is cruel and formidable, the Buddha incarnates as a golden-winged bird.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas transform into five types of beings to save all living beings and fulfil the five great endeavours within and beyond the world. The five major endeavours are as follows: to eliminate karma and disasters for all living beings, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas transform into white Mirs; to enhance the wisdom of good fortune, they transform into green Mirs; to establish positive relationships and guide beings onto the Bodhisattva path, they transform into red Mirs; to eliminate troublesome karma, resentment towards enemies, and other disasters, they transform into colorful Mirs, achieving the four great endeavors simultaneously.

The Garuda bird, a Dharma protector, also possesses a flaming upward flame on its body, three round eyes and a crystal horn on its head, a sharp beak, and two claws. It fiercely pecks at a flying dragon, with clear and natural scales and a curled tail. The dynamic and lifelike golden-winged bird’s two claws exhibit great strength, power, vividness, and momentum. The true Guardian Mirs are as follows: historically, these Mirs were fierce, cruel, and powerful. Therefore, Shenrab Mowiche subdued them and granted them the status of Dharma protectors, allowing them to safeguard Buddhism and support virtuous individuals. They promote Buddhism and benefit all living beings, becoming the Dharma protectors.

Dapeng bird of wisdom: in order to subdue the eight heavenly dragons and poisonous dragons and snakes, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas transform themselves into Dapeng birds, live in the holding of Dapeng birds, and incarnate into the shape of Dapeng for the benefit of all living beings. In particular, in order to subdue the five poisonous dragons and all sentient beings, they are transformed into five kinds of Dapeng birds: white, black, red, yellow and colorful Dapeng birds. There are five kinds of colorful Mirs: conch, golden, rhinoceros, colorful and jade. In the various Buddhist statues of yongzhongben sect, most of them have two armed Dapeng Vajra flying above their heads. The beak of Dapeng Vajra contains snakes, which means that it can subdue all magic obstacles. It has five powerful powers, which can resist the damage of the sun and stars above, and defend against the invasion of evil gods and ghosts below. From ancient times to the present, Xiangxiong, Tubo, Persia, India and other places that spread this religion all respect the Dapeng golden winged bird. In particular, Xiangxiong and Tibetans provide for the Dapeng golden winged bird at the gate of their homes, the altar of the Buddha Hall, and the office, or paste a picture of the Dapeng golden winged bird on the bedside, so that the devil will not invade, the strange diseases will not be infected, the nightmares will not be done, the obstacles will be eliminated, the body will be healthy, and the career will be successful, Family harmony. Finally, eliminate the karmic barriers and achieve Buddhism. In a word, no matter which Mirs are, they are all the leaders of wisdom and anger, and they are also the sharp weapon for success. A small amount of recitation of its heart mantra will also gain unimpeded power, which can be regarded as a powerful enemy of land gods and various dragon demon diseases. For various diseases, epilepsy, syncope, appendage, abnormal nerves, stroke, heart, high and low blood pressure and other diseases that are difficult to diagnose and drug treatment, it has a distinctive effect, which has been proved by many practices. In addition, when you are in a bad mood, upset about your career, bullied by villains, and often have theft, disaster, and frustrations, praying for Mirs is very effective and has changed significantly. There is no one better than this method to subdue all evil spirits and demons.

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