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New Peaks, New Adventures: Alternative Everest Treks in Tibet

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Lhasa Tour

The Himalayas stand as a vibrant contrast to the serene desolation of Kashmir, offering a rich mosaic of natural beauty. These mountains are a symphony of colours, where vegetation shifts with altitude, painting a dynamic landscape. In the summertime, this region is a spectacle of life and colour. Wildflowers bloom in abundance, and azaleas light up the terrain with their vivid hues, set against the backdrop of majestic, snow-capped peaks.

Mornings in the Himalayas often reveal peaks shrouded in mystic mists, adding an element of mystery to their grandeur. The rainy season brings a different charm; with frequent showers necessitating a poncho, but rewarding with mesmerizing, clear skies and captivating rainbows afterwards. The post-rain sunshine illuminates the mountains, enhancing their allure.

The blue lakes, reflecting the towering peaks, create a serene, mirror-like image that captivates the eye. These moments, where nature’s elements converge in harmony, make the Himalayas a destination that captures the heart, leaving visitors with a longing to return.

Embarking on the East Slope of Mount Everest: A Trekker’s Dream Journey

Set out on a remarkable 15-day trek along the less traversed east slope of Mount Everest, exploring the diverse and vibrant paths of Garmagou and Chentang. This journey, rated with a three-star difficulty, offers an enchanting blend of glacial landscapes and the warmth of Sherpa villages.

Gama Valley: The Crown Jewel of Trekking Routes

The expedition begins in the enchanting Gama Valley, celebrated for its extraordinary natural splendour and known as “the most beautiful valley in the world.” Once a hidden gem, primarily navigated by Nepalese guides, Gama Valley has evolved into a popular destination, attracting a global community of trekkers.

Discovering Hidden Treasures of Everest

The route along the east slope of Everest unveils hidden wonders beyond the iconic peak itself. Trekkers are greeted by a series of secluded lakes stretching from Xiaowucuo Pass to Chentang, offering serene reflections of the towering mountains. This path offers a unique perspective on Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu, showcasing their beauty from seldom-seen angles.

The Pristine Wilderness of Garmagou

Traversing through Garmagou, located between Dingri and Dingjie counties, trekkers experience one of the most pristine environments in the Everest region. This valley, with altitudes ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 meters, boasts the largest untouched forest in the area. Each May, the valley comes to life with Nepali herdsmen and their livestock, providing a glimpse into traditional pastoral life.

Rich Biodiversity and Cultural Immersion

The region is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, home to rare species like snow leopards and Tibetan snow chickens, and a variety of flora including rhododendrons. The journey through Garmagou to subtropical Sherpa villages is not just a trek but a cultural immersion, offering insights into the rich heritage and customs of the Himalayan people.

A Confluence of Natural Wonders

The trek culminates in a mesmerizing confluence where the Karma Zangbo and Qudangpengqu rivers meet, flowing towards Nepal. This spot, adorned with sulfuric hot springs and cascading waterfalls, evokes a sense of being in a mythical paradise.

Trekking the east slope of Mount Everest through routes like Garmagou and Chentang is more than a physical challenge; it’s an exploration of the Himalayas’ hidden beauty and cultural richness. Each step on this journey offers a new perspective, making it a dream for every trekker seeking to experience the diverse wonders of Everest.

Shishapangma Great Circle: A Trekker’s Photographic Odyssey

Embark on a unique 14-day trekking experience around Shishapangma, one of the world’s renowned 8,000-meter peaks and the only one entirely within China. This trek, rated with a three-star difficulty, is a dream for photography enthusiasts, offering panoramic views of Shishapangma’s south, east, and north slopes, capturing its reflections, golden-hued peaks, and the striking ice tower forest.

The Journey Around Shishapangma

The adventure begins in the south slope valley of Shishapangma, moving towards the base camp. From there, trekkers venture to the east and north slopes, completing a full circle around the mountain. This route offers a visual feast of endless snow-capped mountains and the unique opportunity to photograph the alpine lakes that beautifully mirror these peaks.

A Trek Through Glaciers and Ice Forests

Shishapangma is distinguished by its three peaks of similar heights, creating a breathtaking skyline. The trek includes a visit to the Yebokangal Glacier on the northern slope, a site known for its spectacular mountain glacier ice tower forest, a rare sight in Tibet outside of the famous Rongbuk Glacier. The journey through this area is akin to walking through an ‘ice crystal garden’, with seracs and glaciers forming an otherworldly landscape.

Exploring the Diverse Glacial Terrain

The entire region around Shishapangma is a hub of glacial activity. The trek traverses various glaciers, including the 13.5-kilometer-long Yebokangal Glacier, the Daqu Glacier, the Geya Glacier to the east, and the expansive 16-kilometer-long Fuqu Glacier on the southern slope. These glaciers form a complex network of ice and snow, presenting both beauty and challenge to trekkers.

Cultural Significance and Innovative Routes

Shishapangma holds a special place in Tibetan culture, surrounded by myths and revered as a sacred mountain. The traditional hike to Shishapangma’s base camp has been a favourite for many, but recent innovations have led to the creation of the loop route, offering new perspectives and more comprehensive scenic vistas.

The Loop Route: A New Perspective

This loop route, developed in 2011 and launched for trekkers in 2014, avoids the need to backtrack, ensuring fresh and exciting views throughout the journey. It includes a visit to the alpine lakes beneath the eastern slope and a trek to the northern slope, home to the Yebokangal Glacier. This route not only provides a physical challenge but also a visual feast, capturing the essence of Shishapangma in all its glory.

The Shishapangma Great Circle trek is more than a journey; it’s a photographic odyssey that brings trekkers face-to-face with some of the most stunning and unspoiled landscapes in the Himalayas. It’s an experience that combines the thrill of adventure with the beauty of nature, making it a must-do for every trekker and photography enthusiast.

Kula Gangri-Gangkabensen Peak Trek: A Journey to Crystal Clear Lakes and Majestic Peaks

Embark on a 10-day hiking adventure to the Kula Gangri-Gangkabensen Peak, straddling the picturesque China-Bhutan border. This journey, rated as a moderately easy two-star route, offers a unique experience, especially appealing to those who enjoy serene natural beauty and photography.

The Majestic Peaks of Kula Gangri

Situated on the China-Bhutan border, Kula Gangri is surrounded by six towering peaks, each exceeding 7,000 meters. The landscape here is dominated by the Kulagang Riwei Peak and Kulagang Ri Peak III, along with other impressive peaks like Karejiang I, II, and III. These peaks form a breathtaking barrier, creating a world where the sky meets a blanket of ice and snow.

Discovering Uncharted Beauty

The route to Kula Gangri was charted by Manfeng, a pioneering group in exploring unique trekking paths in Tibet. Their exploration led to the discovery of the mesmerizing lakes surrounding the Kula Gangri Snow Mountains, which are now an integral part of this trek. The route includes a visit to the three holy lakes of Kuragang, each unveiling its beauty in a sequence that is sure to leave trekkers spellbound.

A Trek Through Diverse Landscapes

Starting from Lhasa, the trek passes through the core area of Yamdrok Yumcuo, offering a chance to witness the varying colours of Yangtze Lake and views of Ningjinkangsha. The trail also includes a hike over the Zhuomula Pass, offering unparalleled photographic opportunities of the Kula Gangri Snow Mountains and the lakes below.

Challenging Glaciers and Peaks

For those seeking more adventure, the route offers challenging treks to glaciers like Dangpu, Zhanwo Zhuoguo, and Karilangpu. The journey into the Kangpu Valley leads to the disputed area between China and Bhutan, home to the Gangkar Bensen Peak and the Rumgopu Glacier. This section of the trek is a haven for climbers, with technical peaks ranging from 6,000 to 7,000 meters, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience.

A Rare Exploration Experience

The Kula Gangri-Gangkabensen Peak trek stands out for its seclusion and the opportunity to explore areas seldom visited by trekkers or climbers. It’s a journey that not only satisfies the hunger for adventure but also offers a chance to capture some of the most stunning and rarely seen vistas of the Tibetan landscape.

This trek is more than just a hiking trail; it’s an exploration of Tibet’s hidden natural wonders. Whether you’re a photographer, a nature lover, or an avid climber, the Kula Gangri-Gangkabensen Peak trek offers an unforgettable experience, filled with breathtaking views, challenging climbs, and serene moments by crystal clear lakes.

Prices and Services

What’s included in this price?

  • Travel Documents: Includes all necessary Tibet travel and approval documents.
  • Attraction Tickets: All itinerary attraction tickets are covered.
  • Guide and Driver: Experienced English-speaking Tibetan guide and driver.
  • Accommodation: Standard rooms in three-star hotels, upgrades available.
  • Transport: Local travel and airport/train station transfers included.
  • Meals: Hotel-provided buffet breakfasts.
  • Insurance: Travel accident insurance for the trip.
  • Driver & Guide Expenses: Their meals, accommodation, and travel costs.

What’s excluded in this price?

  • Single Room Fee: Additional cost for single room occupants.
  • Visa Costs: For Chinese visa or group visa from Kathmandu.
  • Major Transport: Flights and trains to/from Tibet (booking service available).
  • Other Meals: Meals beyond the provided breakfasts.
  • Tips: Optional for guides and drivers.
  • Unforeseen Expenses: Costs from force majeure events or personal reasons.
  • Personal Spending: Anything not listed in the included fees.

Tibet Entry Letter Processing

  • Who Needs to Apply:  Foreign tourists, Taiwan
  • Required Documents: Passport, Chinese visa, Home Return Card for Taiwanese.
  • Application Fee: Free for group participants.
  • Processing Time: 7-14 working days. Submit applications at least 1 month in advance.

Altitude and Altitude Sickness

  • Elevations: Lhasa (3,600m), Shigatse (3,800m), Everest (5,200m), Namtso (4,900m)
  • Health Considerations: Assess your health, especially if you have mobility issues, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or asthma.
  • Adaptation: Usually takes 1-3 days. Inform your guide in case of severe discomfort.

Elevation of Major Cities in Tibet

Tibetan Toilets

  • Urban Hotels: Western-style toilets, clean and hygienic.
  • Scenic Areas: Mostly flush squat toilets; some non-flush dry toilets.
  • Remote Areas: Squat toilets in towns and hotels; find natural cover in uninhabited areas.

Tibet Weather and Clothing

  • Climate: Variable weather with significant day-night temperature differences. Rainy in summer, sunny in other seasons.
  • Dressing Method: Layered clothing is recommended. Adjust layers according to the season and weather.

Transportation to Tibet

  • Train: Qinghai-Tibet Railway; limited sleepers, difficult to book in peak season.
  • Flight: Direct flights to Lhasa or Nyingchi; altitude sickness similar to train travel. Off-season airfare discounts were available.

Tibetan Food

  • Variety: Chinese, Western, Tibetan, and Nepalese options available in cities.
  • Tibetan Cuisine: Distinct flavour, different from mainland Chinese food.
  • Vegetarian Options: Available in cities and during travel.
  • Meals: Only hotel breakfast is included in the tour fee. Other meals are at your discretion.

Value for Money

A Journey Worth Every Penny

The journey you embark on with us is more than just a trip; it’s an experience of a lifetime. While we believe that such an adventure is beyond any price tag, we also understand the importance of value for those planning their dream tour.

Compare and Contrast

for the Best Deal

 When evaluating tour options, it’s crucial to compare apples to apples. Our tours are meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive experience of Tibet’s rich culture, profound history, and breathtaking beauty, all at a price that’s as reasonable as it is rewarding.

Save More

with Group Travel

One of the best strategies to make the most of your budget is to travel in a group. The larger the group, the lower the cost per person. This is especially beneficial for solo travellers – consider joining one of our group tours for both companionship and savings. For more details, our travel consultants are just a message away.

Book Early

for the Best Rates

Early birds do get the best deals! To lock in the most favourable rates, we highly recommend contacting us at least one month prior to your intended departure date. This helps secure a better price and ensures a smoother planning process for your Tibetan adventure.

Tailored made Tours

Tailor-Made Tours: The Essence of Personalization

  1. Customized Itineraries: Tailor-made tours are our speciality. Craft a unique itinerary that matches your interests, pace, and travel dates. Explore Tibet your way, whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker.
  2. Local Insights: Our travel consultants, with their deep local knowledge, can provide insights and suggestions to help you create the perfect journey.
  3. Flexibility: Choose when and where to start, where to go, and how long to stay at each destination. Flexibility is your best friend on a tailor-made tour.
  4. Private Guides: Enjoy the luxury of a personal guide who tailors the experience to your preferences. Dive deep into Tibetan culture and history with your dedicated expert.

Benefits of Tailor-Made Tours: Why Choose Personalization

  1. Exclusive Experiences: Tailor-made tours offer exclusive opportunities, from private audiences with monks to family dinners with locals. You’re not confined to a group schedule.
  2. Travel at Your Pace: Experience Tibet on your terms. Spend more time exploring a particular monastery, enjoying the serene beauty of a lake, or simply relaxing in a scenic spot.
  3. Local Cuisine: Tailor-made tours allow you to savour the authentic flavours of Tibet. Indulge in local cuisine at traditional restaurants, tailored to your taste.
  4. Avoid the Crowds: Smaller, tailor-made groups offer the advantage of experiencing Tibet’s treasures with fewer tourists around.


How many ways can I contact you ?

We offer the following contact ways:
E-mail: info@tourtraveltibet.com
Phone: +86-891-6348848 (24/7)
Skype: tourtraveltibet
* facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest,  tourtraveltibet, instagram

Can I Cancel My Tailor-Made Tour?

Yes, you have the option to cancel your tailor-made tour. However, be aware that cancellation charges will be applied as per the Tour Tibet cancellation policy. For detailed information, please review our Terms and Conditions.

Can I Arrange My Tibet Tour on My Own? Is It Easier and Cheaper?

Arranging a Tibet tour independently is not possible due to the need for a Tibet Travel Permit. This permit is mandatory and must be obtained through a local travel agency authorized by the Tibet Tourist Bureau.

Can I Talk to a Travel Consultant in Person?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to visit our office and discuss their travel plans directly with our travel consultants. Together, we can tailor your Tibet tour to fit your preferences and requirements.

How Can I Make the Payment?

Once you are happy with your tour arrangements and have confirmed your booking, a deposit of 20% of the total trip cost is required. This deposit can be paid through PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, or Wire Transfer. The remaining balance is due at the start of your tour.

Do I Have to Travel on Certain Dates?

No, you don’t. Our tours are fully customizable, allowing you to choose any travel date that suits you (subject to flight availability). The itineraries on our website are samples, and you’re free to modify any aspect to match your personal preferences. Your travel consultant is here to assist and guide you through the process.

Do I Need to Travel as Part of a Group?

Not necessarily. Our tailor-made trips are designed on an individual basis, meaning you have the flexibility to plan your itinerary according to your own interests and pace. However, if you are interested in a group experience, we offer small group tours limited to a maximum of 16 people.

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