How to travel from Canada to Tibet

Travelling from Canada to Tibet can be divided into two stages:

Fly from Vancouver International Airport to major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Once you have obtained the Tibet pass, you can journey to Lhasa by either taking a Tibet train or a domestic flight. Alternatively, you have the option to fly from Canada to Kathmandu or travel to Tibet by plane or car.

Moreover, making an advance ticket reservation provides you with the opportunity to purchase a more affordable ticket and select your preferred travel route. You can fly from Vancouver to major entry cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

  • Canada to Beijing (Flight duration: 11 hours and 35 minutes non-stop; Flight duration: 28 hours and 13 minutes with layovers at SFO, DFW, HKG, and TPE)
  • Canada to Shanghai (Flight duration: 12 hours non-stop; Flight duration: 18 hours and 30 minutes with layovers at Hong Kong, San Francisco International Airport, Beijing, and Shanghai).
  • From Canada to Hong Kong (Flight duration: 13 hours and 35 minutes non-stop; Flight duration: 16 hours and 59 minutes with a layover at SEA, DFW, TPE, MNL)
  • Canada to Guangzhou (Journey time: 13 hours and 30 minutes direct; Journey time: 19 hours and 50 minutes with layovers at ICN, PEK, HKG, PVG). From Canada to Chengdu (Duration: 18 hours and 20 minutes with a layover in PEK, SFO, PVG, HKG, CAN).

Once you have successfully arrived in China, all you need to do is obtain your Tibet permit and decide whether to take a domestic flight or a Tibet train to reach Lhasa.

Usually, your Tibet pass will be delivered to your hotel in mainland China. This is a legal requirement in order to board a flight or train to Tibet. In some exceptional cases, our staff will personally hand you a Tibet permit at the airport or train station.

Travelling from Canada to Tibet Via Beijing

Travelling from Beijing to Lhasa is an efficient way to reach Tibet, with options for nonstop and direct flights. Nonstop flights cost around US$ 500-600, departing from Beijing at 14:40 and arriving at Lhasa Gongga Airport at 19:20, with a total duration of 4 hours and 40 minutes. Alternatively, there is a connecting flight with a layover in Chengdu. This flight departs at 08:20 and arrives in Lhasa at 15:15, with a total flight time of approximately 6 hours and 55 minutes. The fare for the connecting flight is about US$ 538.

beijing Lhasa Flight

The flights from Beijing to Lhasa are available twice a day, with a flight duration of around 4 hours and 30 minutes.

As the most popular train route in Tibet, the Beijing-Lhasa train (train number Z21) offers a thrilling journey like no other! The train departs at 20:00 and arrives in Lhasa at 40:20 hours. Soft sleeper tickets cost 1144 yuan, while hard sleeper tickets cost 720 yuan. The only issue is the high demand for train tickets during the peak season of Tibet tourism, especially from July to August and during the peak of spring. A good solution is to consider flying from Beijing to Xining and then taking the Xining-Lhasa train to Lhasa.

Trains depart from Beijing to the capital of the Tibetan plateau every day, covering a distance of approximately 3,757 km. The train journey takes about 41-42 hours to cross China, passing through six provinces. The train departs from Beijing in the evening and arrives in Lhasa in the afternoon on the third day.

tibet Train from Beijing to Lhasa

From Canada to Lhasa, Tibet Via Shanghai

From Shanghai to Lhasa By air From Shanghai to Lhasa, you can easily escape the bustling modern Chinese city. Currently, there are only direct flights available from Shanghai to Lhasa. Typically, the plane will have a layover in Chengdu or Xi’an for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The flight departs at 16:50 and arrives at Lhasa Gongga Airport at 00:15 the following day. The total duration is 7 hours and 25 minutes. The ticket price is about US$ 442.

shanghai Lhasa Flight

The flight from Shanghai is not a direct flight but stops at Xi’an. While a flight from Shanghai takes approximately 7 hours and 55 minutes, and a two-hour transit in Xi’an

Take the z164 train, also known as the Shanghai-Lhasa train, is the second most popular train route in Tibet, China. It takes 46 hours and 15 minutes to travel from the eastern coastal cities of China to the majestic Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The train departs from Shanghai at 20:10 and arrives at Lhasa Station at 18:25. The cost of a soft sleeper ticket is 1262.5 yuan, while a hard sleeper ticket is 793.5 yuan.

The train route from Shanghai to Lhasa is the second longest, covering a distance of 4,373 kilometres in 46-47 hours. The train departs from Shanghai every night and reaches Lhasa before noon on the third day. The train offers soft and hard sleeper bunks, costing around US$ 118 per person.

tibet Train from Shanghai to Lhasa

Travelling from Canada to Lhasa, Tibet via Guangzhou

Flying from Guangzhou to Lhasa offers a quicker option for travelers with tight schedules or those who prefer not to take a long train journey. There are direct flights available from Guangzhou to Lhasa. The flight departs at 8:10 and arrives at Lhasa Gongga Airport after a total flight time of 5 hours and 55 minutes, with a stopover in Chongqing.

guangdong Lhasa Flight

There is only one flight a day from Guangzhou to Lhasa, and China Southern Airlines CZ3463 (08: 25-14: 30) departs from Baiyun International Airport T2.

For railway enthusiasts seeking the ultimate Tibetan train experience, the z264 train (return train z266), also known as the Guangdong Lhasa train, is the perfect choice. This train journey covers a distance of 4,980 kilometers, making it the longest train route in Tibet, China. The train departs at 11:45 and arrives in Lhasa at 16:19, after a bumpy ride lasting 52 hours and 34 minutes. The cost of a soft sleeper ticket is 1468 yuan, while a hard sleeper ticket is 865 yuan. Due to the long duration of the journey, it is not recommended for children and the elderly.

The train from Guangzhou to Lhasa departs every day, Z264 (11: 45-16: 19), which lasts 52 hours and 34 minutes. Since there is only one train per day, it is difficult to buy tickets in the tourist season. Check with your travel consultant in advance 

tibet Train from Guangzhou to Lhasa

To travel from Hong Kong to Lhasa, the most efficient option is to take a flight from Hong Kong to Chengdu, and then transfer or take the Chengla train to Lhasa. The Hong Kong-Chengdu flight departs at 17:10 and arrives in Chengdu at 2:45 the next day. From there, you will need to collect your luggage and proceed with your transfer.

chengdu Lhasa Flight

The trip from Chengdu to Lhasa is a short one, taking just over two hours. There are typically 14 non-stop flights to Lhasa available each day.

Travelling from Canada to Tibet Via Kathmandu, Nepal

kathmandu Lhasa Flight

Kathmandu is the only country with a direct flight to Lhasa, a flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa costs about US$ 300.The flight time is relatively short, the journey of 600 km takes about an hour. There are two direct flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa, CA408 (12: 10-16:00) and 3U8720 (11:30-15: 10).

Travellers can take planes from Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet. It is the only international flight to Tibet. Air China’s flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa depart around 12:10 pm every day and arrive in Lhasa at 4:00 pm local time. Sichuan Airlines has flights departing from Nepal at 11:30 in the morning.

Road trip from Nepal to Lhasa through Krirong Port.

Tourists will enter Tibet through Kyirong Port. It is the only open border between Nepal and Tibet. on Way, you can view Mount Everest and the Himalayan Mountains.

When the route to Tibet is planned, start to choose the best season for Tibet travel to Tibet, and the rest of the travel service will be assured to the travel agency to handle it.

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