Lhasa Nanshan Park

Lhasa South Mountain Park is worth visiting a new tourist spot. Nanshan Park is a picturesque destination that boasts a vast expanse of land, spanning from the base to halfway up the mountain.

Its natural features, including rocks, waterfalls, lakes, and wooden boardwalks, cater to leisure activities for tourists. The park’s main attraction is the reflection of the Potala Palace, which draws the majority of visitors.

The Reflection Pool, situated in the middle of the park, is where the reflection can be captured. The dreamy reflection is indeed visible due to the low-rise buildings in the old city and urban area, which cannot exceed the height of the Potala Palace. Moreover, the lake’s location is elevated, with no obstructions in front, making it easy to capture the reflection’s effect. The mountains behind add to the majestic scenery. The lake freezes over during the winter season, and the incomplete ice cubes in the foreground resemble sugar cubes.

The best time to visit is in the afternoon when the sun illuminates the Potala Palace, providing optimal light conditions for photography. The park is particularly enchanting when shrouded in fog or snow, although people visit during a period of residual snow. Nonetheless, it was a memorable experience and highly recommended.

Lhasa Nanshan Park (Lhasa south mountain Ecological Park) is located just south of the Potala Palace, Lhasa City with an area of ​​about 33.5 hectares.

The stair-step plank road built in Nanshan Park is divided into three lines, ABC.

  • Route A: Climbing from the front of the mountain, the route is Nanshan Park—Mid-mountain Observation Deck—the peak of “Long Live the Motherland”, with a total length of about 1021.2 meters;
  • Route B: Located on the side of the mountain route of Nanshan Park— ” Long live the motherland” peak, with a total length of about 253.2 meters, and built with 699 steps;
  • Route C: starting from the back of the mountain route of Nanshan Park – “Long live the motherland” peak – Nanshan Spring, with a total length of 2932.7 meters, the apex of the route is the peak of Qiagagabu Mountain, about 4200 meters above sea level.

Since the construction of “Lhasa South Mountain Park” in 2019, the newly-built trail is commonly known as Nanshan Park. Many cities have become so-called Internet celebrity check-in places. Many tourists go to Internet hot spots to check in.

In fact, Lhasa, like many cities, has its own “north or south” mountain park, it is relatively difficult to build such a park in Lhasa compared to other cities, especially cities at the bottom of the altitude. And the difference in this kind of scenery is that you can see the outline of the city and the whole picture of the “Potala Palace panorama”.

When you come to Lhasa, you may first go to Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple, Potala Palace Square, Potala Palace, etc. These are what you come to, but you may not know that there is a Nanshan The park is just opposite the Potala Palace. At night, you will see the words “Long Live the Motherland”. You may not have thought that you can climb it, but it is in Nanshan Park, and you can climb it to take pictures.

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