Sha Momo (Tibetan dumplings), is also very popular with Tibetans a distinctive cuisine, also serve as ethinic‘s hospitality, often have guests enter the House, the host will treat you Tibetan dumplings .

Tibetan steamed bun unique production technology, is very particular about the meat, use must be fresh lamb, 40%fat and 60% meat, not like chopping with a knife in case of the Han nationality, but placed small wooden trough called a incense Wow, each hand holding one between cross cutting knives. Highly skilled people are the knife fast footed, dazzle, Flash, a pile of lamb meat. After the lamb chop, Add diced lamb fat, tones of green onion, salt and pepper water, package and then add a little water and stir together. Accumulation wrapping method is also very special, not with a rolling pin to roll, but the size of a walnut on the Palm, two hand pinch the combination a good housewife, can squeeze into four or five at a time, and flexible, thick thin. If the technology doesn’t work, kneading surface is stained a not forming. By pinching good bun bag stuffing, place left hand Palm, with his right hand to the left into the top swirl buns, like little Lotus. And neatly put into a small cage, place the steam for more than 10 minutes each on opening the cage eat it while it’s hot. Tibetan dumplings are translucent, white glossy, tender oil accompanied by lush aromas sweet, the flavor is unique, high but not too sweet, fresh and tasty, eat more, and eat more and wanted to eat it.
Tibetan dumplings, unique not only manufacturing processes, production skills, eating is also very special. Due to the creamy soup, eats first when sucking the creamy soup in the dumplings from the end, and then eat. People who don’t eat often picked up the buns and bite, soup splashed by results, hot mouth numbness of the tongue, is not to cry, laugh not. My tourist friends, be careful while eating Tibetan dumplings.
The first step: meat on the Prairie with lamb is the preferred by adding some onion and garlic or radish, keeping the raw meat.
Second step: Add condiments, oils raw animal fat and oils, salt, soy sauce, pepper, it is best to add water in advance one-fourth best fillings
The third step: MOMO, because I personally make momo, spare shots
Fourth step: steamed dumplings and buns into time from the steamer, about 15 minutes.
Fifth step: when you take in the verdant, carefully remove dumplings should not be broken to avoid outflow of oil, then eat!
To eat:
1, handpicked up the buns, cut side up, preventing oil outflow is a waste, and the other is against bad body wash.
2, a small hole in the bun lateral, gently sucking the water inside, to avoid burns the mouth.
3, it is best not to use other ingredients like vinegar sauce, original best!
4, steamed stuffed bun water, is the essence of Tibetan dumplings!
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