Nyingchi Lhasa Expressway

Other than pine multiple tunnels and Barla Mountain Tunnel, the national road 318 lines of Lhasa to Linzhi high grade Highway was start operation from 1st, October. Travel duration Lhasa to Nyingchi was reduce from 10 hours to 4.5 hours. Greatly improved the traffic conditions of this golden tourist route between Ningchi and Lhasa.
Nyingchi Lhasa Expressway is one of the key project for road traffic planning in Twelve-Five year plan.  It starting from Lhasa Caigong Thang to Nyingchi bayi Town with length of 398 kilometers. It use of four-lane road standard construction. Whole project cost38 billion yuan (5.8 billion U.S. dollars), invest by Government run state company.  Design to be average speed limit of of 80 km/h. Like other expressway in Tibet, it is also toll free Expressway.
The construction of the high grade highway will play an important role in bridging the Tibet Sichuan economic Circle. Further promoting the opening up of Tibet, improving the people’s livelihood and improving the level of public service and tourism development.
The Nyingvchi Lhasa Expressway project construction region is  average elevation of 4300 meters. The line highest elevation is 4585 meters at  Barla Mountain Tunnel. It is the key control project in the construction of Nyingchi Lhasa Expressway. The left hole of the tunnel is completed 4195 meters, accounting for 73.2% of the total length, the right hole of the tunnel is 4264.7 meters. 
Nyingchi Lhasa Expressway  is known as the ecological channel. In the construction process, special attention was given to environmental protection. Light ecological recovery has invested about 400 million yuan. The road on both sides of the mountain on the surface of many green ecological bags and ecological blanket, which is made of polymer-environmental protection materials, with at least 20 years of service life, to anti-aging, Acid alkali salt and biological erosion, it has permeable impervious soil filtration function and good solid soil function, more importantly, it can do 0 pollution, because the bag will be automatically degraded after a few decades, this is an international advanced flexible ecological protection technology.

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