Nyingchi to Lhasa Train will take only three hours, along with the beautiful scenery!

Tibet has always been a place filled with a sacred meaning in the hearts of many people. It is closest to heaven, with magnificent scenery and mysterious legends. The remoteness of Tibet and its highland climate make it difficult to connect with various transportation routes. In order to develop here, the construction of the railway into Tibet is considered important.

We know that one of the most well-known railways in Tibet is the Qinghai-Tibet Line. In future the construction of the Sichuan-Tibet line came with great news. The Lhasa-Nyingchi section in Tibet will be officially open at the end of June.

Details about Lhasa Nyingchi Railway

Lhasa Nyingchi Railway is a national Class I fast railway of approximately 433 km. It designed to speed at 160 km / h. The construction began in 2014. Lhasa Nyingchi Railway is a single-line electrified class. There are 34 new stations on the whole line, and 17 in the initial period. More than 90% of the whole line is located at a high altitude of more than 3000 meters. The geological conditions are complex, and the bridge and tunnel ratio is as high as 74.66%. The whole line has 120 bridges, 47 tunnels, 16 times across the Brahmaputra River.

A total of 540 kilometers of catenary and 791 kilometers of additional lines were set up across the Lhasa Nyingchi Railway line. 11 traction substations were set up, and 13,761 square meters of electric traction power supply houses were built.

Since the gasification construction on July 29, 2018, more than 1,600 employees of the China Railway Electrification Bureau have participated in the construction. In order to overcome the impact of low construction efficiency and difficult construction in the plateau environment, the builders actively promote the concept of “mechanized substitution. They have innovatively developed a number of new equipment such as rigid suspension string processing platform, flip-mounted wrist arm pre-assembly platform, automatic decoupling device for pillar assembly, mobile operation platform car in the tunnel, and dual-use operation platform car for highway and railway.

Eco-friendly about Lhasa Nyingchi Train

In order to overcome the adverse effects of the special environment of the plateau on the construction, the China Railway Second Institute of Electrification, adhering to the concept of green energy-saving, ecological environmental protection. It established the research on the seismic design technology of the complex mountain catenary in high seismic intensity, research on the basic technology of the electrified railway catenary in the high-altitude permafrost area.

Lhasa Nyingchi Railway is a key project of the national “13th Five-Year Plan”. Compared with the traditional internal combustion-powered railway, it has the characteristics of large traction quality and high running speed. Its use of electrified traction, but also has green, energy-saving, environmental protection, and other advantages. It is of great significance to protect Tibet’s natural ecological environment and promote green development. When completed, the Lhasa Nyingchi Railway will connect three important cities in Tibet: Lhasa, Shannan, and Nyingchi. It will improve the investment environment along the route, promote the construction of new urbanization along the route, and inject new vitality into local economic and social development.

The construction of this railway is fraught with difficulties, the proportion of the bridge and tunnel of the entire line is more than 75%. But with its opening, the drive from Lhasa to Nyingchi, which was supposed to be a day’s drive, now takes only three hours. This also means that if people go to Tibet to travel, and Going to become a very important tourist route.

Benefit for Tourism in Lhasa and Nyingchi

We know that the city of Lhasa with a Potala Palace alone can already be on the list of the most famous cities in China, where life is calm, the wind, the snow, the mountains, the palaces. Basically, friends who go to Tibet will choose to go to this city. Because the altitude here is not too high compared to many other parts of Tibet, it can also avoid the physical pain caused by high reversals to a certain extent. So it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most important tourist city in the whole Tibet region.

But people generally face the problem is that Tibet area is very large if not self-drive travel then from Lhasa to many cities need to make a long journey. And the repair of this railway to a certain extent to solve this inconvenient problem.

Nyingchi City is a well-known prefecture-level city in Tibet, with an actual control area of 76,000 square kilometers, and is the most important city in the middle and lower reaches of the Brahmaputra River basin in Tibet.

As a city famous for its beauty in China, Nyingchi’s natural scenery can be described as magnificent and pleasing to the eye. The peach blossoms in spring, the giant cypress in the valley.

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