How to Travel Tibet from Mainland China

Our company specializes in providing tourists with classic Tibet tours, group routes, and fixed group dates. One person can sign up! Enter the first Tibet travel guide, let us introduce you to magic and beauty.

We focus on high-quality Tibet tours that cover classic Tibet itineraries, ensuring that all group tours are small groups, pure-play, no shopping so that you can spend less money to enjoy the same high-quality services as small groups. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Tibet’s latest travel schedule and prices. One person can sign up.

Why join our small group Tibet tour?

Safe and comfortable: driving a standard air-conditioned and oxygen-supply car, a safe and comfortable journey.

  • Carefully selected restaurants provide safe food and local flavors.
  • Comfortable hotel, great location, delicious breakfast.
  • A tour guide with good Chinese knowledge and more than 5 years of experience. Experience under impeccable guidance.A traditional Tibetan welcome meal and, if possible, a Tibetan restaurant.

  • Easily book train tickets to Lhasa and train tickets from Lhasa to anywhere in the country. We have a significant advantage for tourists booking train tickets from mainland China to Tibet.
  • Through our unique service group tickets and unified tourism, support to apply for travel documents (including entry permits, border defense permits, military area approval letters, approval letters from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Potala Palace reservations, and train issues-100% guaranteed for the past 10 years. More than 60% of old customers and old customers will visit us again.

Gochung Gangri Glacier Day Tour

Kuoqionggangri Glacier Scenic Spot is known as “the closest glacier park to Lhasa”, and it is also the only glacier […]

Tibet Grand Northern Route Tour

Brief Itinerary of Lhasa – Ngari Grand Northern route Tour On Day 1 The first spot of the day was […]

Lhasa Nyingchi Highlight

Itinerary Day 1 Arrival Lhasa We will contact the visitors in advance, to confirm the exact arrival information. The company […]

Phabongkha – Sera Wutse Trekking

The Sera Monastery, located on the foothills of the Selawuzi Mountains, is a household name in Lhasa and has been […]

Everest Advance base camp Trekking

Trekking route from Everest base camp tent area to advanced base camp High-altitude trekking route map of the advance camp […]

Mount Everest East Slope Gamagou Trekking Route

Mount Everest East Slope Base Camp Gamagou Trekking Route   The starting point of the trek is in Qudang Township, […]
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