Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival: A Guide to the Most Beautiful Spots and Travel Routes

The Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival is a yearly tourism event in Tibet. Since 2002, Nyingchi has been hosting a Peach Blossom convention to commemorate the blooming peach flowers that adorn the entire Nyingchi region. The celebration commences in late March, attracting numerous tourists from around the globe who are eager to witness this natural spectacle.

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Flower spot

As Nyingchi is big area, people wondering where to see most beautiful Peach blossom. From this picture clearly depict Nyingchi peach blossom distribution Zone.

Most peach blossom places in Nyingchi are

  1. Airport is down to the right,
  2. Along the Brahmaputra River
  3. The Grand Canyon Scenic Area,
  4. River Village Peach Blossom,
  5. Sausson village and
  6. Yu Song Village,

These place you can’t miss during 2024 Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival.  Nearby valley area, the peach blossom is everywhere. Its not only peach blossom, you can enjoy to Namcha Barwa magnificent landscape. If luck assist sun rise in this area are more beautiful.

Another place where famous with more peach blossom is Bomi peach blossom ditch. Peach blossom groove in the most dense place is Gallan village. The peach blossom Ditch in groove. Next to G318 national highway.

The last place is most famous one, “Tibet Linzhi Peach Blossom First Village” in the GA La Village. Gala village located in the  centre of map, It has been hosting place for Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival. There are more than 500 acres of peach trees. Spectacular peach blossom are blooming whole season.

nyingchi peach blossom

Clothing for Linzhi Peach Blossom

As we knew, the peach blossom celebrate in the March and April. During that time, Sichuan Tibet Highway is still winter. Sometimes there will be snows at higher elevation. Linzhi is relatively low altitude, there will not be too much snow, but temperature is low at jiabuzhu. In past few years average temperature is 1 ℃ in March and 3 ℃ in April. Whole there is not big change, so prepare and wear warm clothes when you are in Linzhi. The cold on the plateau is a very difficult thing, if the disease need more rest, take some medicine, before leaving with a little sense of health headache powder best.

nyingchi peach 2

Travel routes from Chengdu to Linzhi

As we all know, the way into Tibet is divided into Sichuan-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet, Xinjinag-Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet. The Sichuan Tibet and the Yunnan is not choice for most of people, but many beautiful scenery along the Sichuan Tibet line is well-deserved to look. takes the Sichuan Tibet to see the peach blossom is a very good choice, because here is not only the peach blossom. Lines, small series for everyone to recommend a few

2018 Linzhi Peach Blossom Festival 11th sightseeing Tour: from Chengdu to go Danba to Jinchuan, the first to appreciate the white world of Danba pear, and then to photography paradise of the Xindu Bridge to Sichuan South Tibet line, after the Tibetan after Bomi to see Peach blossom, finally to Lhasa, the advantage of this line is to see Danba pear snow, can also reward Linzhi peach blossom pink Scarlett, and will be in Linzhi peach blossom ditch one day, special to find a good place to shoot peach blossom, recommended No.1

2018 Linzhi Peach Blossom danba Pear Watch 9th Brigade: This line and the previous one is basically the same, just less than two days, for the lack of time of the friend is very suitable for the focus of the place is not let go, Damba pear, Bomi linzhi peach blossom Ditch, we can freely choose the day of stay, take out the photos you want

nyingchi Peach Flower Cloud
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