Our trip to Tibet

Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet, and Potala palace is the sanctuary and also the politician center of the Tibetan, everyday in the morning the Tibetan come to front of the Potala palace and pray. Now it is the period of the Olympics games, Lhasa had a rebellion in the April of this year, there are so many armies on the streets, the guide just warned us not to talk anything about politics inside the Potala, and when we were visiting the Potala and talking to the monks, always had someone around to listen and finishing the conversation, someone just disappear, and this scene repeat all the time when we are walking inside the palace.

Out of the Lhasa everything is calm, the temples, streets, skies and lakes, the Tibetan are a simple people, always smiling, you can feel the happiness in their eyes, and normally I can’t feel the same happiness of the people in the China, specially who lives in the urban area. The Namtso is the highest lake from Tibet, at 4718 meters, that was pretty beautiful, crystal water, blue sky and smooth wind.
The Tibet really has the own identity, the culture, the religion, the writing and the thoughts, after the railways to the Tibet, the capitalism is daily invading there, I don’t for how long the Tibetan can defend their culture, lose this heritage will be a huge pity for sure.

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