Saga Dawa – The month of Veggie, Most important month of Buddhist world

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Saga Dawa, Tibetan name for the Fourth month of Tibetan Lunar Calendar. This month in Tibetan Buddhism, is the most auspicious month of Whole Year. In this month Buddha Shakyamuni was birth, enlightenment, Nirvana. Three auspicious day fall in this month. So during Saga Dawa, most of the monasteries in Tibet hold special Prayer and ceremonies to celebrate this special religious month. Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhist believers, all around the globe do many good action to earn more positive energy. such as not eating meat, reading the Buddhist sutra, burn incense and lamps, circling around the Stupa, Reciting mantra, and so on.

As one of the most important Tibetan Buddhist festivals in the world, many buddhist friends consider this festival as awakens the seeds of inner good, and choose to be vegetarian for life.

The core thought of Saga Dawa is practicing good deeds for sake of all beings. This year Saga Dawa starts on May 12th, on 10th June it ends.

Biography of Buddha and Saga Dawa Festival

More than 2,600 years ago, on the eighth of Fourth Month from Tibetan calendar, The Queen of the Sakya family, gave birth to Prince Gautama Siddhartha, in the Lumbini Garden.

After 35 years, Siddhartha became a monk, and he spent six years in the ascetic forest. When he meditated under a Bodhi tree, he vows ” If I cannot realize the word, I will not be able to afford this seat. “After forty-nine days of meditation and enlightenment, at the dawn of April 15 in the Tibetan calendar, Prince Siddhartha finally achieved the supreme righteous knowledge. After that He was known Buddha, the omniscient one.

Being a Veggie during Saga Dawa

Being a Vegetarian is no longer a difficult thing. We have more choice of food now a day, Vegetables and fruits not only from local, but also from distance place are easily available. Historically During Saga Dawa, Tibetan people are not allowed to eat any kind of meat by state laws. also not allowed to sell the meat. but now a day it is personal right to eat meat or not. Nobody can force people to being vegetarian. All people are encourage to be veggie for at least one month a year. So you health can improve along with spirit of Buddhisathva. May all sentient being escape from sorrow and this never ending six realms. and Pray for World peace.

Vegetarian is a self-redemption of the psychological process, you insist on the formation of habit. it enlighten the wisdom, vegetarian diet to raise good heart.

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