Xian Lhasa Flights is an important choice for Tibet Tours

Xi’an to Lhasa flights are a bridge to adventure. They connect dreamers to Tibet’s soulful beauty. Every day, seven direct flights lift off, with even more that hop from city to city. In just a short flight, you’re whisked from ancient Xi’an to mystical Tibet. It’s like traveling through time and space, where hours become minutes, and miles turn into memories.

Xianyang International Airport is a hub of dreams. It links faraway places, making our big world feel a little smaller. Its runways are like open arms, welcoming flights from every corner of the earth. Here, the past meets the future. Stories of ancient empires share the skies with tales of modern voyages. It’s where every departure is the start of a new story, and every landing is a newfound discovery.

Xian Lhasa Flights Schedule

Xian to Lhasa flights whisk you away on a swift journey across skies, with departures at dawn and midday, and arrivals painting the canvas of time at 10:00 and 14:30. Reverse voyages from Lhasa offer similar cadence. Each flight, a thread of two to three hours, is priced at a harmonious RMB 1700, framing a picturesque passage between these two enchanting realms.

Xi’an to Linzhi Flight Schedule

Linzhi, Tibet’s heart, blooms in whispers of spring where peach blossoms cascade under the watchful gaze of snow-capped sentinels. It’s a tapestry of pink against blue, a warm breath in the chill, calling through Tibet Airlines to a paradise cradled in the East’s Switzerland. Come, and embark on a spiritual odyssey to Linzhi, where the soul finds its canvas amidst the petals. Flights from Xi’an to Nyingchi cover a distance of 1476 km and have a duration of approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. The primary airline operating this route is Sichuan Airlines and Tibet Airlines, offering direct flights.

Embark from Xi'an on a journey to Lhasa, where trains glide for 36 hours across the Tibetan Plateau's majestic vistas, offering a tapestry of comforts for the wanderer in search of beauty untold.
tibet Train from Xian to Lhasa

Attractions in Xian before Tibet Flights

The Cultural Splendor of Xian

In the realm of historical grandeur, Xian stands unparalleled as a beacon of China’s rich past. The city’s prominent attraction, the Terracotta Warriors Museum, is a testament to imperial legacy, captivating visitors with its life-sized sculptures that echo the grand ambitions of Emperor Qin Shihuang. The Shaanxi History Museum further enriches one’s understanding of Chinese heritage, housing myriad artefacts that narrate tales of bygone eras. Equally impressive is the Ancient City Wall of Xian, a Ming Dynasty marvel offering panoramic city vistas.

Spiritual Sites and Imperial Majesty

Xian’s spiritual significance is exemplified by the Wild Goose Pagodas, serene sanctuaries of Buddhist wisdom. Meanwhile, the Huaqing Palace and the remains of the Daming Palace offer glimpses into imperial luxury and power. For the adventurous, Mount Huashan presents exhilarating trails, while the Famen Temple in Baoji stands as a sacred pilgrimage site. Together, these attractions weave a rich tapestry of culture and history, making Xian an unforgettable epicentre of discovery.

Xian Xianyang Airport

Xian Xianyang International Airport, a pivotal nexus in Northwest China, bridges the vast expanse of the nation. Within an hour, it whispers of distant lands now close—Chengdu to Yinchuan, drawing a circle that spans 70% of the country’s heartland. Capital cities and illustrious tourist havens bow within a three-hour flight’s embrace.

Hosting 41 airlines and boasting 244 routes to 119 sparkling destinations, this airport pulses with a rhythm of 10 million souls a year and peaks at 32 flights an hour. Giants like China Eastern, China Southern, and Hainan Airlines crown it as their northwestern realm. It’s a portal to the world, with direct flights to global cities and visions of new horizons with routes like Paris soon unfurling. Domestically, it’s the crossroads to the gates of Jiayuguan, Urumqi, and the mystic Lhasa.

International Flights to Tibet via Xian

Flights No.ToAirline CompanyDurationFrequency
MU203Hong KongChina Eastern Airlines2h35mDaily
KA947Hong KongDragonair2h50mDaily
MU5093SingaporeChina Eastern Airlines7h25mDaily
MU291(via Shanghai) NagoyaChina Eastern Airlines5h10mDaily
MU5021(via Qingdao) SeoulChina Eastern Airlines3h55mDaily
MU521via Shanghai) TokyoChina Eastern Airlines 7h55mDaily
FD589BangkokAir Asia4hDaily

Self-check-in at Xián Airport

Embark on your journey from Xi’an, where the ancient heart of China meets the pulse of modern innovation. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, with its self-service conveniences, beckons you to an odyssey unfettered by the weight of luggage. Glide through check-in with a simple scan and step into the future of travel.

Amidst the digital blooms of WeChat and airline apps, your boarding pass emerges—a lotus in the stream of technology, easing your way into the skies. Through the “72-hour visa-free transit,” the gates of Xi’an and Xianyang unfold, inviting the global traveller to wander freely, steeped in the majesty of the Silk Road, unchained by visas.

As the new epoch of customs clearance dawns, Xianyang Airport offers a swift, biometric gateway to the world, where a mere ten seconds can launch you towards the horizon. And for those who yearn for the traditional touch, the manual stamp awaits, a tangible memory of your passage through time and space. Step forth from Xi’an, where the whispers of millennia blend with the dance of departure, and take flight into the embrace of history and the frontier of tomorrow.

“Paperless” flight

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport introduced the “convenient travel” service on September 1, 2017. Passengers flying domestically through Xianyang Airport T3 can obtain a QR code boarding pass via the airport’s WeChat account or airline apps. This digital option enables seamless check-in, security screening, and boarding. However, international flights are not eligible for this service. Therefore, passengers with domestic connecting flights must use paper boarding vouchers to avoid complications at other airports. Special passengers, such as military personnel, disabled individuals, infants, and unaccompanied travellers, still need to visit the manual counter for the necessary check-in procedures.

Transit visa-free

On June 1, 2014, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport officially implemented the “72-hour visa-free transit for foreigners” policy. This policy allows people from 51 countries with valid international travel documents to stay in the administrative areas of Xi’an and Xianyang for up to 72 hours if they have confirmed their date and seat on a connecting flight to a third country (region). Xi’an is the first city in Northwest China and the eighth city in China to implement this policy for certain foreigners, following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Shenyang, and Dalian.

Self-service customs clearance

Since September 4, 2017, Xi’an Xianyang International Airport has offered self-service exit customs clearance. With 4 channels, it became the third airport after the capital and Shenzhen airports to provide this service. The self-service channel allows passengers to collect their data and biometric features, and the computer system automates the inspection process.

At the self-service gate, passengers scan their certificates, provide fingerprints, and let the machine recognize their faces to complete the exit border inspection. This process takes less than 10 seconds on average. Self-service customs clearance is available for two types of travellers: overseas tour group members with electronic ordinary passports declared to the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee, and Hong Kong and Macao tourist group members with electronic travel permits declared to the same committee. Using self-service clearance means no entry-exit stamp on the certificate. Passengers wanting a stamp should use the manual channel.

A Tibet Travel permit is essential for flying to Tibet.

To visit Lhasa in Tibet, one needs a Tibet travel permit. This permit is essential for taking a flight from major cities in China to Tibet. Tibet is a beautiful place with stunning landscapes, ancient monasteries, and rich culture. To get the permit, travellers must book a tour with a registered travel agency and provide necessary documents like a scanned copy of their passport and Chinese visa. The Tibet Tourism Bureau will review and process the application, which takes about one to two weeks. Once approved, travellers can board their flight to Lhasa, enjoying the incredible views of the Himalayas along the way.

tibet travel4
The permit controls tourist numbers and enforces regulations. To get it, book with a registered agency. They'll apply on your behalf using your passport and visa details. It takes 10-15 days to process. Remember, you can't board your flight without a permit. Keep it with you throughout your trip. Some areas may require additional permits. 


  • The timetable is just for reference.
  • We can NOT offer a ticket-only service.
  • foreign visitors must book a tour from a travel agency according to Tibet Tourism Bureau and administrative rules You have to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit before booking a Tibet flight ticket.

You are free to contact us for an inquiry about customizing a Tibet tour with a flight to Tibet. A quick reply will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Precautions for flying

Airport Arrival Essentials

  • Arrive an hour before your flight, respecting the 30-minute check-in policy. This cushion of time ensures a smooth takeoff to your destination.

Check-In and Luggage

  • Find your flight’s counter on airport screens, present your ID, and check any luggage within the 20kg Economy allowance, mindful of restricted items.

Security Protocol

  • At security, offer your documents for a swift check, and then an X-ray scan of your belongings ushers you to the waiting hall.

Boarding Procedure

  • Post-announcement, boarding passes are collected, with a piece returned to you as a keepsake of your impending journey.

Savvy Flight Booking

  • Chase the savings with low-cost airlines, or mark your calendar for major airlines’ discount days. Book your international or domestic flights within the strategic window for the best rates.
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