How to Explore Tibet Safely, the Most Important Travel Permits for Military Area Access

Introduction to Tibet’s Travel Permits

The Tibet Autonomous Region of China, with its ethereal landscapes and profound cultural heritage. It stands as an emblem of adventure and spiritual discovery for tourists worldwide. Tibet’s strategic importance and sensitive geopolitical climate mean military authorities regulate certain areas. Foreign tourists must obtain several permits, such as the Military Permit, to enter these regions. This permit confirms that tourists comply with strict security measures that protect them and military activities.

milittary permit
Milittary permit

Understanding the Military Permit

The Imperative of the Military Permit

A Military Permit is more than just a formality; it is an indispensable credential for those who wish to delve into areas of Tibet that brim with military importance. This document underscores the measures taken to maintain the sanctity and security of military installations throughout the region.

Acquisition of the Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit

The journey into Tibet’s heart commences with procuring the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit, also known as the TTB Permit. This fundamental authorization is obtainable solely via a Tibet-registered travel agency or one appointed by the Chinese government. Prospective travellers are advised to arrange for this permit well ahead of their trip, as the application process may span several weeks.

Aliens’ Travel Permit: A Crucial Step

Subsequent to securing the TTB Permit, individuals aspiring to visit restricted zones must obtain an Aliens Travel Permit. The Public Security Bureau (PSB) issues this certificate, which all foreign travellers to Tibet’s restricted areas must have. Please be aware that only a Tibet-registered travel agency can obtain this permit; individuals cannot apply for it directly.

The Procedure for Securing the Military Permit

Documentation and Application Process

Upon successfully obtaining both the TTB Permit and the Aliens’ Travel Permit, tourists must engage with a travel agency to determine which specific military-controlled zones they intend to visit. The Military Permit is exclusively granted by local military authorities and necessitates tourists to provide comprehensive details, including their passport and the Aliens’ Travel Permit, to their chosen travel agency.

The Role of the Travel Agency

The travel agency plays an instrumental role as they are responsible for presenting the required documentation to the military authorities for approval. As this permit involves coordination between various bureaucracies, additional time should be anticipated for its processing.

Guidelines for the Military Permit Application

Timing and Location for Application

The Military Permit is processed through the Military office in Lhasa, and tourists must apply in conjunction with the TTB Permit. The procedure typically concludes within 1-2 weekdays and incurs a fee of approximately 100 yuan per individual.

How to Apply

Tourists cannot personally apply for a Military Permit; a local Tibetan travel agency must manage the application. Travellers should convey their full itinerary to the agency, which will then arrange for the necessary permits. It’s noteworthy that certain tours, such as the Lhasa to Kathmandu overland tour, may not necessitate a Military Permit.

Regions That Require a Military Permit

Sensitive areas demanding a Military Permit include:

  • Ngari: Landmarks like Mt. Kailash and Lake Mansarovar.
  • Nyingchi: Destinations such as Draksumtso and Pomi.
  • Chamdo: Places including Chamdo and Riwoche.
  • Flights to Ngari and overland trips


Those seeking to explore Tibet’s unique splendour and cultural richness must adhere to permit requirements, respecting the military’s security needs. By obtaining the necessary permits, travellers can enjoy the serenity and grandeur of Tibet, recognizing the essential equilibrium between exploration and the protection of national security interests.

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