Bon Spirituality

Bon spirituality has three phases: Old Bon, Yungdrung Bon, and New Bon. Yungdrung Bon, also known as Eternal Bon, aims to preserve the teachings of its founder, Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche. Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche holds a significant position in Bon culture, comparable to that of Sakyamuni in Buddhism. The teachings and practices of Yungdrung Bon encompass the Nine Ways or Nine Gradual Views of Bon, the Four Portals, the Fifth being Treasure, and the External, Internal, and Secret Bon.

Bön was officially acknowledged by the Dalai Lama as the fifth wisdom school of Tibet in 1978. 

  1. Cha Shen Thegpa: Methods of Prediction – Covers astrology, cause examination, and prophecy.
  2. Nang Shen Thegpa: The Visual World – Explores the psychophysical universe, the origin of gods and demons, exorcism, and energetic liberation.
  3. Trul Shen Thegpa: Illusion – Rituals for dispelling adverse powers.
  4. Si Shen Thegpa: Existence – Discusses post-death phases and methods for guiding beings towards liberation.
  5. Ge Nyen Thepga: Virtuous Layperson’s Path – Provides ten principles for well-being and fasting.
  6. Drang Song Thegpa: Monkhood – Explains monastic conduct and the first level of tantric practices.
  7. A Kar Thegpa: Primordial Sound – Elucidates higher tantric practices, necessary rituals of visualization, and the practice of Che rim for cutting the bonds of rebirth, death, and the intermediate state.
  8. Ye Shen Thegpa: Primordial – Expounds on the importance of a suitable master, place, and occasion for tantric practice, emphasizing the perfection tantric process Dzog rim and the attainment of the illusory body, Gyu lu.
  9. Lana Meba: The Unsurpassable Way – Details the doctrine, views, meditation, and behaviour of the Great Perfection, Dzogchen.
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