Expert Tips for Getting Your Tibet Border Defense Permit

Yet, it is imperative to acknowledge that certain precincts within Tibet stipulate the acquisition of a border defence card, in conjunction with a permit. This card is indispensable for both domestic and international wayfarers aspiring to explore the frontier zones of Tibet. Absent this pass, access to the aforementioned locales remains unequivocally forbidden.

The Essence of a Border Defence Permit

With a Tibet Travel permit and a valid passport, you’re free to travel to and from Tibet. Such a permit, oft-referred to as a border pass, remains non-essential for those confining their exploration to Lhasa within Tibet. Nevertheless, expeditions to frontiers or areas under stringent control such as Zhangmu, the illustrious Mount Everest, and Ali mandate its procurement. It is not uncommon for inspections to be initiated well beyond the 100-kilometre threshold from the border checkpoint. The span of legitimacy for the border defence certificate varies, extending from a quarter to half an annum.

Eligibility for Border Defence Permit Application

The permit is requisite for any individual aiming to visit the Tibetan border territories. This includes inhabitants from the mainland, sightseers from Hong Kong and Macao, foreign invitees, or Taiwanese kin. Mainlanders may secure a border defence permit either at their domicile or via a travel intermediary in Lhasa. Conversely, it is expedient for those from Hong Kong and Macau to engage a travel agency for efficacious facilitation.

Foreign visitors and Taiwanese tourists must secure a Tibet entry permit, often processed together with the border defence permit by travel agencies for convenience.

Application for a Border Defence Pass by Foreign Nationals

At present, Tibet maintains a prohibition on solitary ventures for foreign tourists. Participation in a group tour, organized by a certified local travel agency within Tibet, is mandatory. Through our agency, we stand ready to facilitate the attainment of your Tibet Frontier Pass. We entreat you to furnish us with the following particulars:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Tour itinerary on our website
  3. Copy of your China Visa
  4. Copy of your TTB permit

Domestic Tourist Application for the Tibet Border Defence Permit

Domestic tourists can apply for a border defence document with their ID card at local authorities or in Tibet. To visit places such as Mount Everest Base Camp, they can seek permits from the government certificate centre or the Exit-Entry Administration. Advance applications for these permits are advised, and consulting the Public Security Bureau for intelligence on restricted areas is recommended.

Restrictions on Age for the Border Defence Permit Application

Individuals who are citizens of China and have celebrated their sixteenth birthday are compelled to procure a “Border Pass” as a credential for legal entry into designated border areas. For those under the age of sixteen, the stipulation is that they must not navigate these regions unaccompanied; instead, they are required to travel in the company of their legal guardians, who assume responsibility for their safety and adherence to the regulations governing border access.

Temporal and Locational Aspects of Border Defence Pass Application

The dispensation of the Frontier Pass falls under the jurisdiction of the Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps stationed in Lhasa. By choosing our comprehensive Tibet tour packages, you entrust us with the meticulous handling of all necessary Tibet Travel Permit formalities. It is important to note that the application process generally requires a period of 3 to 5 days; therefore, it is essential to provide us with sufficient time to secure these documents on your behalf.

Under China’s “Administrative Measures for Border Passes,” a “Border Pass” usually lasts up to three months, but those working in Tibetan villages can get a pass for six months.

Locales Where the Border Pass is Operational

When embarking on a journey to the secluded border areas, it is a requirement to present your Tibet Frontier Pass at multiple checkpoints along the way. This requirement also applies to individuals departing from Lhasa to Kathmandu by air, where presenting the pass is mandatory at the airport before departure.

Regions Necessitating a Border Defence Certificate

The main areas that need to apply for border defence certificates: are the whole territory of the Ngari area, Mount Everest, Zhangmu Port, Yadong Port, Zayu, and Medog.

Typically, it suffices to list the counties visited on the border defence card. For example, a venture to the base camp of Mount Everest necessitates the inclusion of Shigatse, Tingri County on the card. As for pilgrimages to Kang Rinpoche and Manasarovar Lake, one simply inscribes “Ngari Pulan County.”

border defence pass
Border defence pass

Armed with a valid Nepalese passport and visa, one may cross the border sans the need for a defence card. Officers from the Tibet General Station of Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection’s Law Enforcement Investigation Detachment orchestrate border pass affairs at the Lhasa Citizen Service Center. Future solicitations for border passes can be directed to either the Lhasa Citizen Service Center or the Law Enforcement authorities therein.

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