Construction of Tibet Ali Pulan Airport: Boosting Tourism and Regional Development, Ensuring National Security

In the northern Himalayas, at the southern foot of the Gangdise Mountains and the southwest border of Tibet’s Ali Pulan County, stands a world-renowned sacred mountain called Kailash, drawing visitors’ attention. Year-round, countless believers come to circumnavigate the mountain. This area is also home to the largest freshwater lake, known as the holy lake Manasarovar Tso. However, due to its remote location and inconvenient transportation, Pulan County’s local tourism resources remain largely undeveloped. Building an airport here would not only speed up the development of tourism but also improve the quality of life for all ethnic groups living in the area. Moreover, it would give the local economy and social development a much-needed boost.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China and the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region are collaborating to construct Tibet Ali Pulan Airport through a combination of political mobilization, entrusting assistance, and integrated construction and operation. This decision was made due to the abundance of tourism resources and social development needs present in the area. The Western Airport Group is responsible for the construction, and a group of skilled airport builders has been deployed to Ali to complete the project.
Despite the challenging conditions, including limited resources and curfews, they have persevered with a deep sense of national responsibility, a mission in the civil aviation industry, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Constructing a contemporary airport at an elevation of 4,300 meters is a challenging task. Pulan County is situated in a border region and holds a crucial military stance. The Chinese administration has reinforced its defensive measures in Pulan County and established a robust offensive and defensive system to guarantee regional safety and stability.

The establishment of Pulan Airport has provided a robust support system to the local military, resulting in quicker response times to ensure the safety of border guards. This has ultimately contributed to the maintenance of national security and border stability.

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