Yak Meat

Yak is one of the most common animals on the plateau, and meat is very popular in Tibet. The locals use many original recipes to cook this meat, and it certainly goes well with Chang Barley Liqueur.

Grilled yak meat, grilled and cold yak meat. The yak meat seasoned with sauce is delicious. At the beginning of the holiday, many Lhasa residents prepared yak beef jerky and other dishes. There are many yak meat for sale on the fence. That is fish fillets and grit. Cover the meat slices with salt, hang in a well-ventilated place, and dry. Generally speaking, jerky can be eaten within a month. But if I eat the crispy and chewy portion, it will take longer. Many people like to eat dried meat for a short time. really tasty. People will enjoy it with their families during the Tibetan New Year. New Year’s yak beef jerky. Many people sell beef jerky all day, chatting with friends, and smiling happily until the sunsets. Then they brought the meat home to prepare for tomorrow’s business.

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