Yak Meat

Yaks are one of the most common animals on the plateau and the meat is very popular with in Tibet. Locals use many creative recipes to cook the meat and it certainly goes well with drinking Chang barley liquor. Roasted yak meats, fried yak meat and cold yak meat dressed with sauces are all delicious.

At beginning their festival, Many Lhasa citizens are preparations like making air-dried Yak meat. Lots of chunks of yak meat for sale are against the fence.

The best parts of yak to make air-dried are sirloin and rump steak. Covering a chunk of meat with salt, and then hang it up in a well ventilated place and allow it to dry.

In general, the dry meat could be eaten in a month. But it takes more time if you like crisp and chewy part. many like eating the short time air-dried meat. It tastes really good. People will enjoy it with family during the Tibetan New year.

Air-dried Yak meat for New Year

Many people spent a whole day selling the air-dried beef, chatting with friends, wearing a smile of happiness till the sun goes down. Then they will take their beef home and prepare for next day’s business.

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