Chamdo Banda Airport (IATA: BPX, ICAO: ZUBD) is known as the “world’s farthest from the city” and “the world’s worst climate” civil airport. It is located in the eastern coastal city of Bangda, the west bank of the Yuqu River. In the narrow valley, the Banda Prairie is located near the northern part of Bangda Town in Yiqing Township, Basu County, Chamdo. The airport is 136 kilometers away from Chamdo Town and is the most civil airport in the country.

Chamdo Banda Airport is more than 4,300 meters above sea level. [1] The runway is 5 kilometers long and is one of the longest civil airports in the world. The climate of the airport is harsh. The wind speed in winter often reaches 30 meters per second. The temperature in winter and spring is

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