Ali Kunsha Airport: A Gateway to the Enchanting Southwest Region of Tibet

Ali Kunsha Airport, in Tibet, opened in 2010 and is situated 45km southwest of Shiquanhe Town. It is one of the key airports in the region, along with Lhasa Gongga Airport, Chamdo Bunda Airport, and Linzhi Milin Airport. The airport’s design showcases the ancient Zhangzhung culture of the Nagri area.

Ali Kunsha Airport, also known as Ngari Gunsa Airport, is a remarkable aviation marvel situated in the enchanting and mystical southwest region of Shiquanhe Town in the breathtaking Ali area of Tibet. Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayan peaks, this airport proudly stands as a gateway to the awe-inspiring “roof of the roof of the world.”

Perched at an astonishing altitude of 4,274 meters above sea level, Ali Kunsha Airport boasts a fascinating combination of natural beauty and technical expertise. With a splendid runway stretching across 4,500 meters, this airport impressively accommodates the landing and takeoff of high-altitude aircraft, including the A319 and other similarly equipped machines. This state-of-the-art runway guarantees safe and efficient operations while adhering to the stringent requirements demanded by the challenging terrain and atmospheric conditions of this elevated region.

As one sets foot inside the terminal building, a sense of wonder and serenity engulfs the air. The terminal, covering an area of approximately 3,900 square meters, exudes an aura of tranquillity and elegance. Its design seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, paying homage to the rich cultural heritage and harmonious coexistence of humans and nature in this remote and awe-inspiring part of the world. Passengers and visitors alike are treated to stunning panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks that seem to touch the heavens.

The interiors of the terminal are tastefully adorned with traditional Tibetan motifs and artwork, showcasing the unique cultural identity of the region. Warm and welcoming staff members ensure that every traveller feels embraced by the spirit of Tibetan hospitality. Ali Kunsha Airport serves as a vital lifeline for the local community and a gateway for intrepid adventurers seeking to explore the untouched beauty of Tibet.

The airport acts as a pivotal hub, connecting the remote Ali area with the rest of the world, enabling the exchange of ideas, goods, and experiences. As aircraft soar through the crisp Himalayan air, passengers are treated to awe-inspiring vistas that unveil a tapestry of towering mountains, serene valleys, and shimmering lakes. The region’s untamed beauty and spiritual aura captivate the hearts of all who pass through Ali Kunsha Airport, leaving an indelible impression and an insatiable desire to return. Beyond its practical significance, this airport acts as a symbol of human triumph over nature’s formidable challenges.

It’s construction and continuous operation stand as a testament to the relentless determination of engineers, pilots, and local communities who have worked tirelessly to conquer the difficulties presented by the high altitude and rugged landscape.

On July 1, 2010, Ali Kunsha Airport was officially opened, and the Chengdu Airport-Lhasa Airport-Ali route was officially opened. On April 29, 2012, Xi’an Airport-Kashi Airport-Ali regular flight was opened.

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