Discover Kubum Monastery: A Sacred Ground and Home for Monks in Qinghai

Kubum Monastery is situated in Qinghai Province, specifically in Huangzhong County, over 20 kilometres away from Xining. It was primarily established for the Gelugpa, also known as the Yellow Hat Sect, a prevalent form of Tibetan Buddhism. Consequently, the monastery serves as both a residence for the monks and a revered site in the area. Despite the uncertain origins of the sect and the monastery’s establishment, it has endured for approximately four centuries.

The Kubum monastery was originally intended to be simple, consisting of a stupa and a temple. However, it expanded over time and now covers a vast area of 36 acres. The architectural style of the buildings draws inspiration from Tibet, as they are built on the mountainside and employ vibrant colours and spacious halls. With over 50 halls, the monastery offers a variety of interesting attractions. One notable feature is the Butter Sculpture, which is crafted from yak butter. These sculptures are created during the coldest part of winter, resulting in new designs each year. Another notable destination is the Great Hall of the Golden Roof, characterized by its intricate floral patterns and diverse range of coloured gates.

Kubum Monastery has faced numerous issues, including a devastating war that caused significant damage. However, it has recently undergone renovation, restoring its original appearance. In addition to exploring the different halls, visitors can witness the regular debates held among the students, as the monastery also consists of colleges. Furthermore, its grounds serve as popular locations for various festivals.

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