Tibet Train Safety

Tibet Train safety is best among all others. Professional service and a group of security people are working together on a memorable journey. Tibet trains safety guaranteed your belonging and health through the whole journey.

Tibet trains are quite safe. No one without tickets is allowed in the train cars. The sleeper cars are also separated from the seater cars. At night people without seater tickets are not allowed into sleeper cars.

If you are traveling with valuables and want to have the safest option. Prefer the soft sleeper facilities where the berths have doors so no one can go in. Although hard sleeper cars are like large dorms (there can be 108 passengers inside). No one can guarantee that they are free of weird people. you are still pretty safe since policemen serve in these cars around the clock. Stealing on a Tibet train is also very rare.

Medical help

Professional doctors and trained nurses are also available on the trains. Passengers can get timely but limited first aid in a Tibet train. If you suffer from breathlessness, you can ask the attendant for help. The trained attendant can come to help connect the oxygen tube to the oxygen outlet. It will make sure the passenger obtains oxygen in the right way.

Engineering safety

Main Tibet Train safety is the railway snow melting system. It is the auxiliary equipment from Golmud to Lhasa along Qinghai-Tibet Railway. It can guarantee the railway’s condition safe on rainy and snowy days.

32 railway stations from Golmud to Lhasa are equipped with the railway snow melting system. Each piece of equipment is connected to the workstations and control centers. In Lhasa, Golmud, and Xining for remote sensing supervision.

Since the opening of the landmark Qinghai-Tibet Railway snow melting system is under well running.

The area along Qinghai-Tibet Railway is extremely cold in the winter (-20C to -35C). it is actually quite dry for the most part and huge accumulations of snow are rare. It is highly recommended during winter to take a train to Lhasa from other cities of China mainland.

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