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About Qinghai Tibet Trains

Qinghai-Tibet Trains line links Tibet and other cities in China. It stretches 1956 kilometers from Xining to Lhasa. The Qinghai-Tibet railway construction took a long time and overcame many difficulties of climate and environment. The modern design of the trains not only considers comfort but also solves the difficulty which caused by the climate and environment of the plateau. At present, there are direct trains to Tibet from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xining, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. Other indirect trains from Shanghai, Chongqing, and Guangzhou will stop at Xian.

 Tibet Train Specifications

Qinghai Tibet Railway is the first railway in China to use the Incremental Train Control System (ITCS) for enhanced train control. Train stations with this system installed do not need signaling device or rail track circuitry. Instead, only the railroad switch devices are implemented. ITCS combines automatic block, train station interlock control, and train speeding control in one package, controlling the train when it stops at or passes through the station or when it is performing other related activities.The Incremental Train Control System of Lhasa Express combines automatic block, train station interlock control, and train speeding control in one package. 

The wireless network system implemented is for the automatic backup of ITCS System Event Log when the train enters the station. Qingzang Railway has 78 locomotives in total. Each locomotive is equipped with one ORing TAR-120, while the train station control center is also equipped with one ORing TAR-120 – for a total of 79 TAR-120s used. On each locomotive, the TAR-120 is connected to the DVR that records the ITCS System Event Log. When the train enters the station, the TAR-120 on the locomotive communicates with the TAR-120 in the train station control center, and the ITCS System Event Log would be successfully uploaded to the train station control center. Customized cars of Lhasa Express (Tibet Train) supply passengers with extra oxygen and are fortified against the harsh conditions of the Tibetan plateau.

Tibet Trains Route Map

Tibet Railway Line Plan 2025 to 2035


  • Chengdu – Lhasa Trains
    Chengdu to Lhasa Train is a hot travel route bridging Tibet with the homeland of giant pandas. The railway crosses 5 provinces and measures 3360 km. Currently, there is only one pair of non-bullet trains, Z322/Z324, running […]
  • Long-term Railway Network in Tibet
    Recently, the Development and Reform Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region announced the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” and Medium- and Long-term Railway Network of the Tibet Autonomous Region on its official website. According to the plan, in the future, the scale […]
  • Beijing Lhasa Trains
    Launched as early as in July 2006, Beijing Lhasa trains (T27) has served as one of the three initial railway routes of Qinghai-Tibet Railway. With other two major railway lines moving from Chengdu to Lhasa and Xining […]
  • Guangzhou Lhasa Train
    The Guangzhou Lhasa train also made its debut in July 2006. The train to Lhasa from Guangzhou departs every other day at noon from Guangzhou Train Station and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station in the late afternoon […]
  • Lanzhou – Lhasa Trains
    Lanzhou Lhasa Trains start from Lanzhou. It is the capital city of Gansu Province in northwest China and used to be a very important point on the ancient Silk Road. Lanzhou Lhasa Trains, As it is nearest […]
  • Xian – Lhasa Trains
    There are two trains from Xi’an to Lhasa. the first one is  Train No Z265, which starts from Guangzhou station, passes through Xi’an and ends at Lhasa Station. The other train is  No Z165, which starts from […]
  • Xining – Lhasa Train
    Though there are trains bound for Lhasa from Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, the genuine Qinghai-Tibet train starts from Xining. It takes approximately one day distance from Xining to Lhasa. Each year there are around one-quarter of tourists […]
  • Shanghai Lhasa Trains
    T164, as one of the early three railway links with Tibet, connects Shanghai with Lhasa. The railway line covers 8 provinces from east to west China and has 4373 km in total. It normally takes about 47. […]
  • Wuhan Lhasa Train
    Wuhan Lhasa Train travel is 3901 km long. The air-conditioned express train fare is 376 yuan for the hard seat, 675 yuan for the hard sleeper and 1042 yuan for a soft sleeper. The floating part from […]
  • Changsha Lhasa Train
    Changsha Lhasa Train is actually a direct train. It goes from Guangzhou to Lhasa and passes through Changsha. It takes about 35 hours to run every two days. If you take a plane, you can fly from […]
  • Nanjing Lhasa Trains
    In July, it began with a summer vacation in China, a lot of tourists want to go Tibet. It is not easy to buy Train tickets for the z164 from Nanjing to Lhasa. There are too few […]
  • Hongkong Lhasa Trains
    Hong Kong is the main gateway to China, and the lands beyond, and is a major port for trade, commerce, and industry in Asia. Getting to Hong Kong is easy from any country in the world, and there […]
  • Yunnan Tibet Train
    Yunnan Tibet Railway belongs to the “Five Railways to Tibet” together with Qinghai Tibet Railway, Sichuan Tibet Railway, Xinjiang Tibet Railway and Gansu Tibet Railway. Various cultures from different ethnic groups and many fascinating attractions along the railway make […]
  • Chongqing – Lhasa Trains
    Every other day, there is one train runs between Chongqing and Lhasa. Train T222 departs from Chongqing at 20:18 and arrives at Lhasa on the third day at 16:35. The city is one of the major starting points for trains […]
  • Lhasa – Shigatse Trains
    After four years of construction, the high-elevation Lhasa – Shigatse Railway was finally open to the public on August 15, 2014. It was an extension line of Qinghai-Tibet Railway with altitudes ranging from 3,600 to 4,000 meters. […]

Tibet Train Schedule & Fare

RouteTrain No.DurationFrequencySoft SleeperHard Sleeper
Beijing – LhasaZ2140 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1186CNY 763
Guangzhou – LhasaZ26455 hrs 13 minsDailyCNY 1526CNY 892
Shanghai – LhasaZ16448 hrs 39 minsDailyCNY 1310CNY 841
Chengdu – LhasaZ32243 hrs 50 minsDailyCNY 1101CNY 709
Chongqing – Lhasa3641km44 hrs 17 minsDailyCNY 1165CNY 730
Xian – LhasaZ265/Z16531 hrs 36 minsDailyCNY 1052CNY 668
Xining – Lhasa1960km23 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 794CNY 497
Golmud – LhasaZ2121 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 690CNY 400
Zhenzhou- LhasaZ26537 hrs 50 minsDailyCNY 1150CNY 709
Changsha – LhasaZ26446 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1293CNY 832
Wuxi – LhasaZ16446 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1345CNY 832
Guangyuen – LhasaZ32238 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1034CNY 685
Wuhan – LhasaZ26442 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1273CNY 786
Chenzhou – LhasaZ26449 hrs 50 minsDailyCNY 1421CNY 892
Nanjing – LhasaZ16444 hrs 30 minsDailyCNY 1280CNY 780
Shijiazhuang – LhasaZ2137 hrs 50 minsDailyCNY 1135CNY 731


  • Tibet Trains FAQs
    What documents are needed before boarding a Tibet train? Taking train to Tibet, you will need a copy of the Tibet Travel Permit before you board a train to Tibet. How far ahead of time should I reserve my Tibet train ticket? Trains […]
  • Views
    The world-renowned Qinghai-Tibet railway refers to the railway that starts from Xining to Lhasa. Not only is the railway itself considered as a man-made wonder in transportation field but also the stunning scenery along the railway line offers a tasty appetizer for tourists […]
  • How to Book Tibet Train Tickets?
    How Mainland Tourists can buy Tibet Train Tickets? How Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists can Tibet Train Tickets?   How do foreign tourists buy Precautions for buying tickets If tourists buy train tickets by themselves, please go to the train station at […]
  • Tips for Boarding
    Boarding in Tibet Trains need few precautions and necessary knowledge. we share you some tips for boarding in Tibet Trains. The train travel from a Chinese city to Lhasa is usually cheaper than taking a flight. A hard sleeper class ticket will cost […]
  • Getting Help on Tibet Trains
    Some of the staff on the train speak English and they are easy-approaching and hospitable to foreign tourists. Getting help on Tibet Train is not a challenging. If one runs into any trouble, you may ask the head of the conductor for help. […]
  • Hard & Soft seats
    There are three types of coaches on the Tibet train seats, the first class soft-berth sleeper, the second class soft-berth sleeper and soft seat coaches. Since the journey is really long, most travelers prefer the soft sleepers. The second class soft-berth sleeper is […]
  • Train Toilet
    Like other parts of China, There were two toilets available at every end of a car. On one side is an Asian style toilet and on the other side is a Western-style toilet. Overall they keep it very clean and toilet paper is […]
  • Tibet Train Safety
    Tibet Train safety is best among all others. Professional service and a group of security people are working together on a memorable journey. Tibet trains safety guaranteed your belonging and health through the whole journey. Tibet trains are quite safe. No one without […]
  • Medical Facilities
    Tibet Trains provide temporary medical facilities service. Professional doctors and trained nurses are also available on the trains. Passengers can get timely but limited first aid in a Tibet train. If you suffer from breathless, you can ask the attendant for help. The […]
  • Oxygen in Tibet Trains
    Being warmly considerate on Oxygen supply, Tibet Train offers two sets of Oxygen supply system. One is used for increasing the oxygen content in the train when the train to Lhasa is driven into the plateau zone. The other is directly used by […]
  • Food inside Tibet Trains
    Food inside Tibet Trains A general cookhouse next to the first class soft-berth sleeper is equipped on each Tibet train and offers passengers 3 meals a day. Besides, a dining room adheres to the cookhouse provides tables and seats for those who would […]

Other Connecting Tibet Trains

  • Sichuan Tibet Railway
    The length of the existing Qinghai-Tibet railway is 1956 KM. Even the shortest train ride from Xining takes 24 hours to reach Lhasa. Although Lhasa has connected by trains many big cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing and etc. They all take more […]
  • Nepal Tibet Railway
    Nepal Tibet railway going to join the border areas with Nepal within the next five years. The railway will stretch out for another 540 kilometers from Xigaze to Kyirong county which sits on the border of Tibet and Nepal. The main aim of this […]